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What is your daily protein intake?



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  • What is your daily protein intake?

    According to CRON-O-Meter, I usually get around 165 grams of protein a day.

    But according to Mark's post here,, that amount is way beyond what I need.

    I rely on protein for satiety plus I love meat, but am now wondering if I'm going overboard on it.

    Appreciate an insight into other people's daily protein intake. Do you try and abide by Mark's calculations for protein, or do you eat as much as you like?

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    I'm skeptical one needs to overthink protein, it tends to be the main regulator of appetite.

    I rarely break 100g. ~8 ounces meat with dinner + eggs, broth, canned fish, and yogurt elsewhere.

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      I don't bother tracking. I am an animal matter centric omnivore though, so I assume I am getting plenty. As to overdoing it....I don't even think it's possible aside from oversupplementation.


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        i am a small female. when i was tracking my protein was usually 80-100 gms.
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          Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
          i am a small female. when i was tracking my protein was usually 80-100 gms.
          That's adequate even for a big guy like me for general life. Not body building, not specific diet needs. In fact, your intake is my target when not dieting. I'm now 50-100% more, but that's for satiation while dieting. And to prevent muscle loss while doing so.


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            Agree with pretty much everything that's been said so far. If you want anecdotal data for its own sake, I measure very roughly and typically get between 150 and 200g/day. I supplement with unflavored or flavored but "natural" whey, and also eat a very meat/egg/cheese-centric diet. I'm a ~165 lb male who lifts pretty seriously.
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