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  • Advocare Spark Question

    About to start the 21 day challange with my significant other....she drinks Spark to get her going in the morning and wants to know if it's ok to drink it. It's more nerves about giving up many things she holds dear and doesn't want to give up EVERYTHING. I feel she may not need it eventually. ..thoughts???
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    she won't drink tea or coffee? that advocare is a bottle of junk.
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      Yikes! I was asked to sell Advocare at the gym I locally train clients out of... IMO, Advocare is definitely not, not necessary to build a strong, healthy physique. They also use Splenda (sucralose) in almost all of their products, and the MLM products are usually more expensive than what they're worth (because they have to pay the distributors). Some people are cool with that, others not so much. If it's the caffeine she's looking for, why not coffee? Green tea? It's also easy to get addicted to that "sweet taste" in the morning, which might be something worth nixing.
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