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what to expect when you VLC'ing



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    Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
    are you sure you're eating enough? especially protein? eat A LOT of protein at your first meal -- like 40-50 gms.

    if you feel a craving coming on, eat protein, not more fat.

    if you're eating fruit, eat it with some fat: an apple with some cheese, berries with cream, etc.

    have you thought about eating a small serving of potato or rice with at least one of your meals? you can still stay lc and do this.

    or what about trying something that doesn't make you totally miserable? like the potato hack? steak and eggs hack? or just allowing yourself more carbs so you don't utterly bonk?
    I think you're right- it's not worth it to be miserable! I need to be sure the protein is there. Yesterday I didn't have enough protein and could get satisfied. That will really help. And maybe I'll do a bit of starch. My problem is that a little somehow turns into a lot. But that's just plan ole' self control.


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      Remember if you're getting stressed out when eating, the cortisol isn't going to do you any favors. It masks itself as insulin resistance which is going to get you nowhere.

      During the days you felt great vs the days the wheels fell off, did anything change? Sleep or activity level etc..?


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        Originally posted by FireFinder View Post
        well, damit. VLC fails me again. The first couple of days I feel sluggish (hence the start of this thread), then I feel GREAT! Energetic and good digestion. Then the wheels fall off. I feel low energy. I crave everything except meat. I find myself eating tons of nuts, butter, tahini... and i feel worse. For some odd reason, not eating even a couple of pieces of fruit makes me not want meat/eggs.

        I'm going to try meals with lots of protein and a couple of pieces of fruit today. ugh. What a struggle.....
        I think you are failing to see the forest because you are too focised on the trees.

        Point of any "diet" is to make it as sustainable as possible. Diet as in long-term eating pattern. The easiest way you are going to achieve that is to - in my opinion:

        1. Think long and hard which low-carb, keto foods you enjoy. But they must be ones you can see yourself eating every day and as whole as possible - the less processed the better.

        2. Make a few (5-6) meals out of those foods - but try to keep it as simple as possible. Meals need to be prepared in let's say 20 minutes or less (because in the beginning, you will have a lot of moments when you won't want to cook stuff for hours; you need easy to make meals).

        3. Keep some vegetables and fruit in the diet at the beginning. Vegetables = green vegetables (lettuce, green beans, broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, zucchinis, etc.). Fruit = berries of all kinds

        4. Rotate the meals as you wish - but try to stick to those meals and also make sure to track your calories (especially if you are trying to lose weight). When you get bored of the meals, add some new ones or tweak existing ones.

        5. Shoot for 70% fat in your diet and less than 40g of carbs total (not net carbs, total carbs). Protein at max 1,5g per kilo of BW. This is where the magic happens for a lot of keto people.

        Stick to it for a few weeks at least and see what happens. It's a process but it can be very worthwhile once you adapt. Also, do some vigorous exercise (don't just walk around) as this speeds up the adaptaption process.