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Lean gains fast every other day ?



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  • Lean gains fast every other day ?

    For the last few months , Ive not watched my diet or trained at all. Im starting again at the same weight I was a few months back. This time due to thyroid and other issues , I won't be fasting everyday , I'll be doing a lean gains fast every other day with 80 grams of carbs and 2000 calories per day , dropping down weekly by 50 calories and 5 carbs for a total of 10 weeks , maybe 15 depending on how great or not great the fatloss occurs.

    Does anyone know if the leangains fast everyother day is just a waste of time or will it still enhance my fatloss slightly ? i did 18 hour fasts daily a while back for a few weeks , dropped alot of BF but my deficit was too low at that time.

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    Not knowing much about the actual leangains itself, if you're metabolically challenged (leptin/insulin resistant), fasting is not something that's going to help your cause. If however you're leptin and insulin sensitive, I do believe there is a great benefit. It basically depends on where you think you're at.

    The fasts basically work until they don't and I suspect the reason for this is because one becomes leptin resistant from too much fasting.