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Dependence on flonase



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  • Dependence on flonase


    What are your thoughts about suffering from being "tired" (especially at work and driving afterwards)?

    I took a sleep study and they recommended a cpap.
    However, I saw an ENT and nothing he could see is blocking my airway (even though I have large tonsils).

    Basically, it was left at, take flonase. This has helped but I hate being reliant on it (but it's better than unnecessarily needing a CPAP. My septum is only very mildly deviated so it doesn't seem to be worth the $$.
    I'm only 26 and in ok shape (I was much better about diet/nutrition about two years ago).

    I also believe I had higher energy before I met my current girlfriend so she believes maybe I'm now in a "relaxed mode" whereas when I was single (for a long while let's say) I was consumed by the need for a woman?

    What do you guys think? Should I just step up my diet/exercise first and lose some of the extra weight and then go from there?

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    Seems easy to me...ditch your girlfriend and go back on the prowl

    Seriously though...if you are overweight, not eating right, and either compromised movement/alignment or not getting enough exercise then start there. Thats the basis of everything. No use clutching at other things until you have rectified that.


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      Losing weight will help.

      I have found a Neti Pot to be pretty much a lifesaver. I was really reluctant to try a nasal rinse at first, but it is now a daily routine that has really helped my sinuses.

      Oh, you don't need the high dollar ones. A simple plastic one works just fine.
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        in addition to the other suggestions, how clean are your pillows and mattress? are there carpet or heavy drapes in your bedroom that need vacuuming? dust and dust mites may be impacting your sleeping air.
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          Haha, that would be funny if that improved my chances alone.

          I just need to boil my water for the neti pot since I don't use a dispenser. I'm definitely willing to replace that with flonase (I never did the neti pot previously for more than a week in a row).

          The pillows and everything seem clean to me, it hasn't seemed to matter if we washed them or not though.

          Thanks guys!


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            In regards to the girlfriend, having higher energy before you met her make sense from a hormonal standpoint.

            Not to get into your personal details here but if you guys get it on a lot, it does have an effect on testosterone. Though anything sexual does result in a testosterone boost in the short term, where as after that it drops lower. Do that a lot and your testosterone is likely taking a major hit which would in turn both affect your sleep and energy negatively.

            Getting proper sleep will help with it, and so will having a good diet, but sleep is far more important. Unfortunately both of those can be rendered useless if you, ahem, wreck your testosterone in other ways lol.

            Cortisol is an antagonist to testosterone, and I know from my own personal experience, if i'm feeling too stressed (like a long day at work), my sinuses get fairly stuffed on the right side (when my septum is partially deviated). Once the stress subsides, that usually clears things up. Also from my own personal experience, do not get hooked on any nasal spray, especially anything that is prescribed, it will do more damage than good.


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              My hubby was having a lot of sinus issues that affected his sleep. I bought him some highly recommended Ponaris. It is just herbal nasal drops, they helped him straight away and now he rarely needs to use it.
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                Originally posted by Silvergirl View Post
                My hubby was having a lot of sinus issues that affected his sleep. I bought him some highly recommended Ponaris. It is just herbal nasal drops, they helped him straight away and now he rarely needs to use it.
                How long did he use it? I mostly just snore without flonase but I don't have trouble sleeping most nights.

                Thanks for the recommendation.