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Microwaving grains

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  • Microwaving grains

    Before I ditched the grains I only ever cooked them in the microwave. For brown rice I'd fill a container with water and blast it for 5 minutes, let it cool, then put it back in for another 5 minutes (to avoid overflow/explosions and whatnot). Now I read on the packet that it should take 20 minutes. Also I wasn't aware of the importance of soaking and rinsing.

    I was just wondering if microwave cooking is any better or worse than boiling on the hob, and also if anyone has noticed a big difference between eating unwashed and washed/soaked grains?

    This appears to have played havoc with my state of mind and health in general, though because I blamed the other foods I was eating with the carbs I hadn't made the connection. Not sure now if grains don't agree with me full stop, or if the problem was my preparation of them.