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  • Help with Carbs?

    I desperately need your help. About a year ago, a few months into my keto journey and after having lost close 50 lbs, I reached a weight loss plateau and my hair started falling out. I went zero carb and my symptoms worsened... So, I did the tests and although my insulin resistance markers had improved, I was diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I quit the diet, my hair loss stopped and I gained almost all the weight back I'm also suffering with painfull joints, leaky gut and IBS-C; SIBO is suspected as well. My uric acid is high my triglycerides are low! And I'm anemic... So, yeah I've been told I was metabolically deranged and that my metabolism is now permanently damaged

    I'm in my mid-30's and weigh 250lbs. (All time highest 300lbs, 220lbs on VLC/Keto)

    I know I need to eat carbs (100gr net?) but: I can't have fruit due to my blood sugar issues, so no fructose due to insulin resistance, fatty liver and gout concerns... and I can't have sweet potatoes or plantains or taro because of their extremely high oxalate content that I need to avoid until I heal my leaky gut and replenish my ferritin... and I ca't have rice even though it is pure starch/glucose because of the arsenic and because I'm following the AIP protocol...

    So, where do I get my carbs from?!

    I've even considered purchasing sweet potato starch (low oxalate, low fructose) noodles and eat them every single day to meet my carb requirements... but that can't be healthy, right?

    Sweet Potato Noodles

    I've been a long time visitor and I've learned a lot; thank you. I just don't have anything to contribute to the community yet. I would greatly appreciate your help, guidance, ideas!

    And maybe one day, when I lose the weight (fingers crossed), and my insulin sensitivity is restored... I can have my banana smoothie!!! And when my leaky gut is healed and the oxalates crystals stop entering my bloodstream and deposit where the shouldn't... I can have my baked sweet potato!!! Right?

    Thank you very much.