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Thoughts on my high fasting sugar levels



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    Originally posted by Barb View Post
    If your doctor is freaked out about your fasting BS, ask for an A1C test - it measures average blood sugar over the past 3 months. It is a better measure of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia than just a fasting level.
    Yes I will mention this. I have been checking my sugar 2 hours after I eat and it is in the normal range. In fact it has been on the low end a few times. This makes me feel better. I had a talk with the doc yesterday morning on the phone and explained this and I mentioned how I have started eating primal. He was not too happy. He said and I quote "people do this and then wonder why things start going wrong" Then he asked me if I had lost any weight doing this and I haven't so I said so. He then mentioned I may want to look into doing a weight loss system such as WWatchers that didn't eliminate certain foods. Ugh! Let's just say I am in no hurry to talk to him again. Lol.