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    Hi all
    I have read (and continue to seek) everything I can get my hands on about primal nutrition as it has improved my health and well being beyond words!

    i have a couple of picky questions, but I haven't been able to figure these out: Thanks in advance

    1. Is a "free range" chicken as good as a pastured raised one? Is there a difference and does it matter? I can find free range organic easily here but pastured is almost impossible. I order from US Wellness meats so I assume that's as "pastured" as I'm gonna get?

    2. Do they even HAVE organic brussel sprouts!!? I live in Northern CA and we can usually get organic grass fed everything but I have never, ever found organic brussels, even in whole foods or fancy stores. I like to roast them in free range, sugar-free bacon. For now I use the ones I have and wash them really well. I know, I know, minor details but just wondering

    3. Does ghee raise cholesterol as much as coconut oil?

    That's it. Thanks for your help

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    AFAIK, free-range chicken IS pastured chicken. There is a lot of fudging descriptions when meaningless terms such as cage-free or farm fresh are tossed into the equation, but chickens that are turned loose onto grass swards are both free range and pastured.

    Sorry, can't answer about ghee vs coconut oil, but I use both in my cooking.