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Cows Milk vs Milk Kefir?



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  • Cows Milk vs Milk Kefir?

    Hey all, I read all over the web that cows milk is not beneficial (unless its A2 in some cases), but I also read Kefir being a very beneficial drink. I buy lifeway kefir weekly and it definitely settles IBS a bit, but then I go on to read by various pages how cows milk is bad, carcinogenic, insulin raising, bad for heart, etc. So is drinking kefir, technically the same as drinking a glass of cows milk? Since it still comes from cows milk?

    I thought about almond milk or coconut milk, but those bothered my IBS.

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    Raw cow milk from cows on pasture with a minimum of fed grain probably is one of the healthiest foods around. Change a couple factors, and its nutrient profile changes tremendously. Such as, if the milk is from grainfed cows in a feedlot, pasteurization, BHT fed cows, Ultra high heated milk, etc. Then it is dead milk, even if no allergies are present. Kefir restores life (probiotics) to milk, but not necessarily equal in amount or function as found in the raw milk. Nevertheless, if you can handle kefir with only benefit, continue doing so. I might suggest that kefir goat milk can be equally, if not moreso, beneficial.
    Summing up, technically kefir milk is not the same as cow milk, even from the same cow!;-)


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      the fermentation of kefir means very little lactose is left, so people digest it easily and its probiotocs will help rebuild gut health. i'd look into making your own. much cheaper and a much wider array of good bugs. you can buy the grains cheap on amazon.
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      – Ernest Hemingway