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Marathon Training: fuel.



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  • Marathon Training: fuel.

    Hi all. Here's my plan:

    Monday: run
    Tuesday: gym (weight lifting)
    Wednesday: run
    Thursday: gym (weight lifting)
    Friday: run
    Saturday: rest
    Sunday: run

    As far as nutrition goes I am going to eat primal foods. I'll eat about 100-150g carbs a day and the day before my interval training I'll double the amount of carbs. Given that I'll also lift heavy a couples times a week, I'll keep protein to approx. 1g per lbs of lean mass, so about 180-200g a day. I'm guessing I'll 'fill up' the rest of my caloric needs with fat?

    I'm going to run in a fasted state in the mornings before breakfast. Same with gym.

    Appreciate advice from you experienced folks re: marathon training/nutrition.

    Thanks for reading!

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    That's a lot of protein which most could be turning into sugar. Might want to spend a few bucks on a glucometer to track blood sugar and find out for yourself. When I did that I was shocked and not I'm about right at 70 g of protein a day. Best to find out for yourself. Good luck.

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