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  • Not eating enough?

    Hi all, I've been eating primal for about 10 days now and noticing I'm not as hungry. Yesterday I ate half an avocado on a piece of toast (homemade with coconut and tapioca flour) in the morning, lemon water during the morning, about 100g of pork and 300g of cauliflower and carrots without any added fat because I just didn't feel like it, a punnet of blueberries not because I was hungry but because they would have gone bad soon, and a Thai coconut curry with probably 100g of chicken, 200g of veg and a cup of coconut milk with herbs and spices. Oh and about 10g of dark organic chocolate after dinner. This is a pretty typical day lately as I'm not as hungry so not snacking and not eating my full meal as planned. I'm not counting calories every day but I know this is probably under 1000cal which I worry about. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone eat this amount on a regular basis and still healthy/benefiting?

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    1 cup of coconut milk is 550 kcals. 200 gms of chicken and pork is at east 500 kcals. 1/2 an avocado is about 150 kcals. that faux-bread is a calorie bomb.

    i don't think you are under-eating. anyway, at this point, eat to appetite and let your mind/gut recalibrate.
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      You don't mention if you are desiring a weight change. That's the ultimate judge.

      If you are eating 1K day and you want to lose weight, that's great. No adult can live on that little food unless very small. The 2000 k/cal day standard that the FDA uses is described as appropriate for a middle aged woman of about 130 pounds, average activity level. Whatever that is.


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        That all sounds very delicious and is keeping you full without snacking. This is what is so great about primal. Enjoy it, don't worry, be happy.

        PS sounds like plenty of food to me, 52yo female, 62kg. Maybe even more than enough if I were trying to lose a little weight.
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