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Bloating in the face



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  • Bloating in the face

    Is it normal that upper lip changes size after eating? It happens to me - after eating my face swells, it looks like I have grown a big double chin and the upper lip and cheeks get bigger.

    It happens from all grains, all vegetables, all fruit, most nuts, all vegetable oils, all sugars, all seasonings.
    Only things I can eat without bloating in the face are unseasoned fish, meat, mushrooms, seaweeds and pine nuts.

    Does something like this happen to anyone else? I've been to every doctor imaginable and done dozens of blood and skin tests, ultrasounds etc.

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    I've never heard of anyone having this kind of problem. Sorry you seem to be getting no ideas here but perhaps your problem is truly unique.
    Finally have given up on MDA Forum.
    My friends, I'll see ya at where I'm user #4, and we do have a moderator.


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      You could try an elimination diet. Eat only the safe foods you mentioned for 60 days. Then reintroduce other foods one at a time. Google "autoimmune protocol" for detailed instructions. Here is one place to start: Reintroducing Foods after Following the Autoimmune Protocol.
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