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protein requirement lbs/kg confusion



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  • protein requirement lbs/kg confusion

    Couldn't find a thread covering this after a quick search, unless I'm making dumb mistake, it seems there is an error in 'The Primal Blueprint' books protein requirements. It says:
    "You need an average of .7 to one gram of protein per pound (.33 to .5 grams per Kilo) of lean body weight per day..."

    These same numbers are repeated a few times in the book, but this can't make sense... for eg for me:
    lean mass = 140 pounds (63.5kg). Lower bound for protein: 0.7*140 = 98g (.5*63.5 = 31.75g)?!

    I assuming they made the formula incorrectly for pounds, 98g of protein is definitely too high for a lower bound..!?

    I've tried to follow this formula for a while. I've abandoned online calculators and instead I've made my own. This uses data from an Australian government website with food nutrition data.

    On Wednesday in the linked spreadsheet, I was able to get 100g of protein, this was a huge amount of meat to eat! (total food mass for the day is 2kg...!)
    I'm instead going on my appetite for food requirements, although that is also complicated with Candida and a strange sugar sensitivity.

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    What makes 98 grams of protein too high for a lower bound?
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      By my working for Wednesday it took veggies + 4 eggs, 90g of chicken, 40g of chicken liver and 40g of beef!


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        That does not seem like much to me, though if you're uncomfortable eating that much protein, I suppose you could however much seems appropriate to you.
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          0.7 - 1.0 g/lb is 1.54 - 2.2 g/kg (if the book says 0.33-0.5g/kg it's wrong since 1kg=2.2 lbs)

          Secondly, I agree that that amount is high. I used to struggle to eat that much meat and would resort to protein powders to reach it....and then i realized how absurd it was to force myself to eat more food even when not hungry just to reach some exagerrated amount of protein.

          After finding out that the WHO states that 0.83g/kg (of ideal weight) is adequate, I found it much more reasonable and settled for 1g/kg. At my current weight of ~115 lbs (53kg) that's 53g, which is easy to do without slamming steaks, chicken and eggs and processed protein shakes.

          Interestingly, in today's blog post, Mark says high protein is unnecessary (even for experienced lifters) and "a waste".

          Overall, experienced lifters are more efficient with their protein and can maintain nitrogen balance at 1.05 g/kg. If they want to gain muscle, 1.8 grams per kg (which is much lower than most people assume) seems to be the absolute ceiling for natural lifters. After that, the benefits level off, and you’re just wasting protein.
          So at Mark's new recommendation of 1.05g/kg, then for me at 53kg, 55g protein is sufficient to retain muscle if i was a serious lifter. As it is, I'm moderately active so 55g is likely more than enough..
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          *Starting Wt - 151 lbs (January 2015) * Current Wt - 113 lbs (November 2016)
          *95% Plant-Based (from June 2015) ~ *75%Carbs *10-15%Protein *10-15%Fat
          *Exercise ~7-10 hrs/week


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            Did you remember to take your body composition into account?

            This is how I calculated my needs: Say I'm 58kg that's 128 pounds.
            Say 23% bodyfat that's lean weight 98 pounds.
            Say I'm moderately active, that's .7g pr pound or 68g of protein required per day, give or take.
            Or with rounding, and given a range from .5g-1g per pound is 50-100g protein per day.

            A couple of eggs has 13g, 100g of steak or cheese each has 25g. Eat all of this in a day and hit 75g which should about cover my requirements. Pretty simple really.

            In general I think people have become accustomed to not seeing much protein during their day. To me 90g of chicken now seems like a pretty small serving, and 40g of beef decidedly measly.

            Individual variations are huge - I calculated needs for my early teenage daughter and they were as high as mine even though she was still small e.g. Say she's 40kg (88 pounds) but only 15% bodyfat (75 pounds lean mass) and very active as well as growing fast (1g per pound = 75g per day protein required).
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