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    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and though I've done other forms of "low carb" in the past, I am new to the primal way. I'm about a week into it, just finished reading The Primal Blueprint. Probably my biggest hurdle in being 100% primal is that my sales job keeps me on the road and I have to eat most of my meals in restaurants, there are some great options but it's not always possible (rare actually) do be sure I'm getting organic and the locally raised meat. However, I have ditched the grains, the sweets (no sodas, candy, chips, etc in a week), and eating more fruit. With other low card plans fruit is pretty much frowned upon so I had really cut fruit out of my life, so it's nice to get my "sweet fix" from berries, apples, etc, instead of a chocolate bar. Anyway, wish everyone the best and I hope to be reporting some fat loss very soon.


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    Welcome Scottie. Glad you're here.

    You are correct. It is challenging to eat primally while traveling. I face the same challenges, regularly.

    What has worked best for me, although still not ideal, is to keep my menu selections very basic.

    For example, I am migrating frequently to Denny's for breakfast and opting for their "Build Your Own" Slam whereby I can select four items, enough of which are traditionally primal that I won't suffer a huge setback. For example, a couple of eggs, double bacon and sausage meets their 4 item criteria. Sometimes, I'll opt for their gluten-free English Muffin or fruit. I ask for the eggs to be cooked in the bacon's grease. Ideal? No, I'm not deriving the benefit of locally sourced foods necessarily and the O6 content may be higher than if eating at home, but it is still manageable because the makeup of the meal is very basic without mysterious content.

    Same for dinner. I try to stay basic. BBQ places are easy if you don't go nuts with the sides and sauces. Steak with green beans or broccoli and a baked potato is a favorite. Sometimes, I'll go to an Asian buffet and eat oysters, mussels, boiled shrimp and a little sushi until I'm bursting.

    Lunch is the toughest for me because it may involve a business associate, be at a non-primal friendly spot or be time pressed. If I really have a choice, I'm likely to skip lunch. The salad dressings in restaurants can't be trusted, in my opinion, so I don't do salads. I look for the most basic menu items that don't include glutenous grains or seed oils. Sometimes, the best choices are appetizers.
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      Thanks for the reply John. I pretty much do what you suggested as far as eating out, go basic. Order a burger, toss the bun or get it as a lettuce wrap. BTW, Five Guys has a lettuce wrap burger that is delicious and you can get any of the burgers at Hardee's as a wrap, and they have a grass fed burger as well, just tell them you won't it low carb with no ketchup.

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