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Fix for weak immune system



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  • Fix for weak immune system

    A family member, female, who is not following primal got back the lab results that show weaker immune system. Results are

    WBC 3.0 [3.4-10.8]
    Neutrophils absolute 1.2 [1.4-7.0]

    How should one go about fixing this? Any supplement suggestions? I'm guessing primal could help, but I don't think there is a possibility of switch; too much belief in a balanced diet with low meat consumption.The person is fit and leads a healthy lifestyle.

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    There are many possible causes for low neutrophils. Assuming that your friend's doctor has ruled out the ones that need immediate attention, B12 deficiency is one cause that fits your description of your friend eating only a little meat. If B12 is tested and found to be low, a B12 supplement or injections would be the short-term fix, and perhaps including more animal foods might help long-term.
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