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Chris Kresser SIBO and IBS herbal remedies



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  • Chris Kresser SIBO and IBS herbal remedies

    Chris Kresser recently did an article about a new product called Atrantil.

    The products three herbs; peppermint oil, Quebracha extract and Conker tree extract (or horse chestnut) can apparently heal methane predominant SIBO and IBS. Basically SIBO and IBS that results in constipation (if you experience diarrhea, chances are you have hydrogen predominant SIBO and IBS).

    The product is preety expensive, so Ive decided to build my own formula to emulate Atrantil.

    1. Peppermint Oil Softgels; to relax the small intestine.
    2. White Oak Bark capsules; will emulate Quebracha's ability to soak up hydrogen and basically starve the archaebacteria. Much cheaper alternative.
    3.Horse Chestnut Capsules; which will reduce methane production.

    It will cost me $30 to build this formula, and it will last me 2 months. Atrantil costs me $40, and will only last month.


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    If it works, tell us. If it doesn't work, tell us. If you're allergic to peppermint (sibling and daughter are), it's probable this might not benefit you. hoping for the best.