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Grain Fed Chicken & Eggs - Bad For Us?



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  • Grain Fed Chicken & Eggs - Bad For Us?

    I buy organic chicken. I once in a while buy a whole chicken from a local farm but the organic chicken is more convenient.

    But, this does not mean that it was NOT grain fed. Since we all avoid grains for a crazy amount of reasons... what about chickens? I know pastured chickens are best, but even then a lot of farms feed there chickens grain.

    So, is this a worry? Us eating animals that eat grains?

    I kind of know the answer... I know true pastured chickens that are fed only on grass, insects, etc. is best but if they are fed grain is it that much of a deal?

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    It's my belief that unless that you know the chicken is organic, then I would not consume fattier cuts with skin on for any conventional bird..... Mark suggests that most of the toxins would be in the skin of such animals. Organic = Good, Fatty. Conventional = Leanest cuts


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      Eggs - Yes, if all they had to eat were grains and never got outside to run around and eat bugs and grass, they are bad for us. The nutrition is poor, there's no omega 3 and a whack of omega 6. Although I don't think that flax-fed caged eggs are bad for us, in fact the opposite. The pasture-fed ones are obviously best.

      Chicken is a toughy. Chicken inherently has a lot of omega 6 and even if you feed it a great diet it still doesn't have that much omega 3. I think that the pasture-raised chickens like pasture-raised cows are simply leaner so you don't get as much fat to begin with. Perhaps that spurred the birth of butter chicken Grain-fed chickens are a hefty dose of omega 6, no two ways about it. I don't know of any good studies that assess grain-fed and pasture-raised chicken but with grass-fed beef there are a lot of things like CLA and carnitine that are present in the grass-fed that isn't in the grain-fed to as great an extent so I'm assuming that the same holds true with chicken. I can't make a definitive statement. I'm going to say probably.
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        From my understanding, chickens are birds, and birds are the only class of animals that have evolved to eat grains. That said, however, I would still go with organic over conventional for many reasons, including the way the chickens were raised, the quality of the grains themselves, disease, etc.
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          I eliminated chicken unconsciously a couple weeks ago and just decided If I'm paying for free range, I can afford quality fish, and I don't need the omega 6 source. I've always liked fish, but never eaten enough. That's changing permanently. I get enough omega 6 from nuts and bacon. I don't miss chicken it at all. Cuban style sea bass tonight. Not many chicken dishes compete with that.


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            Luckily I have a farm pretty much right up the street from me and the owner and his wife take great care of the animals. His wife is a veterinarian. The few cows they have are completely grass fed and the chickens are free range. They even kill the cows as humanely as possible. They are certified to sell raw milk and are inspected monthly. I choose to buy my chicken there because I can't trust commonly purchased meats and fowl for obvious reasons. I too would opt for more fish but unfortunately I feel just as unsafe eating fish with all the PCB's and other crap. Have you looked up the garbage patch supposedly the size of Texas out there in the ocean?
            From what I understand there are 5 of them around the world.

            Wild caught Alaskan Salmon is supposed to be good but at $23 per pound, I'll stick with my chicken!


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              I get wild Alaskan salmon for the same price as free range chicken. Same with cod and halibut. Mahi Mahi is less as are several other clean fish. I'm getting beautiful very clean Oregon pink shrimp for $7 a pound. The free range chicken is $9. The Black Sea Bass was on sale for 5.99 a pound and it is also very safe fish. Oysters, sardines, canned salmon, all very clean and cheaper than free range chicken here. :shrug:

              Big omega 3s on those last few.

              Besides PCBs and mercury cause cancer. I'm worried more about inflammation.