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Are all sardines wild-caught?

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    Originally posted by OnTheBayou View Post
    On a slightly different tack, I discovered that canned mackerel is an amazingly LEAN fish! Cheap, too, $1.50 for a large can. I eat it with hot sauce.

    While I do eat sardines and salmon often, capsules are just so much better in quantity of n3, and easy to get every day.
    Nah, liquid is better.

    I never cared to look for mackerel. Will keep an eye out for it next time!
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      Today I bought 2 15 oz cans of California girl Sardines. They are from Equador and according to the lable they are wild caught. I have had them before over Jasmine rice, stir fried vegetable and Sambal ( an Indonesian hot pepper condiment ) The only complaint I have is that the Sardines seem to be over cooked.


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        Originally posted by rockstareddy View Post
        Can anyone answer the same question for mackerel?!
        I've been getting some Season brand packed in olive oil lately that is simply fantastic. Almost like a cross between sardines and tuna


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          Are canned sardines really OK? I always thought they were fine. Just saw this thread and now I'm paranoid about eating "cheap" sardines! I usually get the Brunswick brand because I can find it in every grocery store but my most preferred brands are AA-1 and Ligo sardines, both in tomato sauce, usually found in Asian supermarkets. The only ingredients are sardines, tomato paste, water and salt. This seemed fairly innocuous, but I eat sardines probably 3x a week so I just wanted to make sure.