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Broccoli florets vs. whole stalk

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  • Broccoli florets vs. whole stalk

    I prefer broccoli florets to whole boccoli. The florets are just tastier than the fiberous stalk. Are the florets more nutritious than the rest? Would I be missing out by buying just the florets?

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    I don't think so, but if you take a vegetable peeler to the stalk (you can eat this raw or cooked) It is delicious! Especially raw - seems a waste to throw out a perfectly good stalk. Crunchy!


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      There the same nutritionally. Peel the stalk....tender and tasty sauteed in a little duck fat or butter.
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        I eat the stalk too. I sometimes slice across the cross section and steam or add to a stir fry. Sometimes I slice from "top to bottom" and steam. Often I chop and grind and make a sort of cole slaw. I have just chopped the stalk into decent pieces, used as a base for a soup, and just before serving, I hit it with my magic wand to 'cream' it. Did I mention adding chunks to stews?

        magic wand---What ever those wand type beaters are called.
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