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Check Out My Homemade Chocolate Bar!!

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  • Check Out My Homemade Chocolate Bar!!

    I made this bar in about 10 minutes. All I did was melt some chocolate, chopped up some almonds, and added about two teaspoons of coconut oil. I then freezed it for about an hour and a half. It tastes fantastic and it is an occasional sweet treat that I can enjoy with a relaxed conscience.

    The chocolate chips are from Enjoy Life Foods. They taste amazing as well as being dairy and soy free.

    Let me know what you all think and if you have used the chocolate before, please let me know if you enjoy them as well. (PICTURES ARE BELOW)
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    Waiting on the images to be approved, but it sounds tasty. My wife and I made some chocolate mint patties, almond butter cups, and sunbutter cups. They were A-MAZING. The recipe was just taking coconut butter, mixing it with mint extract, and covering that with dark chocolate. I freaking loved the mint patties, she was particularly fond of the sunbutter cups.

    We used a brick of chocolate from trader joe's. 72%


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      I was recently thinking about making something like this, except all I have on hand is two bars of the Baker's brand chocolate - one unsweetened (too bitter for me to eat plain, plus grainy and chalky) and one semi-sweet (60% I think? Too sweet though, too much added sugar). They're not very high quality either so I figured I would melt them down. Maybe I could combine both kinds with the coconut oil and nuts?


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        @Mike Alzen: I updated the pics to google docs. You should be able to view them now. I've been considering making some almond butter cups as well. I'm glad to hear that they taste great!

        @Marisa: You should be able to combine them with the coconut oil and nuts. That's exactly what I did. The coconut oil should help with the graininess of the bakers chocolate.


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          Looks good

          Now I want chocolate.