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Raw beef - it's what's for dinner

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  • Raw beef - it's what's for dinner

    Yes! here in the Piedmont region of Italy, lots of raw beef, or 'carne cruda" is eaten. I had a nice 200 gram serving chopped up in front of me by my butcher tonight with lemon, pepper and olive oil, and some spinach with butter melted on top as a side. Feeling invigorated by the whole experience.

    Piedmontese beef is a particular race that is known to be higher in Omega-3's - I know they are raising the race in the US now and it could be available in some states - I know it is in Virginia.
    I keep asking the butchers if it is grass fed, and they all just look at me like I am crazy and say, " this is the best beef you can buy!" and then they say something about how all cows feed on grass and look at me like i just fell off the turnip truck! ha ha! Different culture!

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    Reminds me of a friend I had during the fighting for freedom, etc. days. When asked how he wanted his steak, he would say,"Just knock off the horns, wipe its ass and run it in, I'll take it from there."

    Long ago, when I was a teen and an apprentice butcher in my old man's store, I would sometimes eat a sliver of raw beef. In my twenties, I especially liked rare prime rib, that had blood running from the corners of my mouth when I chewed. These days, I like my steak tartar medium rare.
    Tayatha om bekandze

    Bekandze maha bekandze

    Randza samu gate soha


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      Carpaccio... NommmmMmm


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        Raw beef and raw horse are really popular here in Japan.