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  • My cortisol levels

    Here are my blood test results:

    10 am: 507 nmol/l

    2:30 pm: 416 nmol/l

    Unfortunately the results did not come back with the lab ranges, so I have to wait until next week to see my doctor about them. It seems that according to a brief look on the internet, the am levels are just fine, but I'm having trouble finding what 'normal' is for the afternoon. Does anyone have experience with this?

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    Were these done fasting, with no caffeine/cigarettes? (I know where we are, but still, one never assumes). If not, they need to be redone. Eating increases cortisol.

    Try to have them done prior to 9 AM; otherwise they'll start to drop. The nmol ranges I have seen typically end at 690, so you are actually a little low (which may be due to the time of day), very much so if you ate prior to. It would be best, though, if you could get a mulligan and do it as early as possible.

    Make sure they are doing a free cortisol, not a total. Binding makes a big difference.

    (Keep in mind, this is solely what I've learned with my little adrenal issues! I'm not a doc, nor do I pretend to be)
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      Yeah, I was wondering about that timing as well. I did a saliva test cortisol, which tests four times over a day, but the first is supposed to be before or by 8 a.m. After that the levels drop at a decent rate. My test came with a "curve" to show how it went throughout the day and compared it to a high and low curve. Mine was below both, so no bueno.

      I don't have as much experience with the blood test, but I do know that by 10:00 your level will be dropped down quite a bit, so it may be harder to tell if it's in the range.

      And ditto on the free cortisol. Like with all hormones, you can have a higher level, but it's bound up in your system and not usable. The usable amount is the only amount that matters...
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        The first, morning, cortisol test was done fasting, although I barely slept the night before, and I worked out quite hard the day before too. Only after I took the test did I look up what I should have done prior! I figured my doctor would have told me! The afternoon test I did was after I ate and had a cup of coffee. Whoops!

        As for the timing, I guess it's a tough call with me. I normally get up at about 11 in the morning, which might mean that 10 am is similar to what 8 am is for other people.

        My doctor had no idea what a saliva cortisol test is. And I'll have to ask him whether or not that was a free cortisol test... if he even knows what that is!! (I've been to MANY doctors so far. This one came recommended, so I'm not giving up on him yet!).

        Oh well, if they need to be redone, so be it. It's only money, and my health is WAY more important than, say, being able to afford the cream paint for our hallway!