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New US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Report is out

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  • New US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Report is out

    The 2010 report, which I guess will form the basis for the next food pyramid is out, and I'd say it's a mixed bag, although probably an improvement.

    The good? "High-energy, non-nutrient-dense carbohydrate sources that should be reduced to aid in calorie control include sugar-sweetened beverages; desserts, including grainbased desserts; and grain products and other carbohydrate foods and drinks that are low in nutrients." p. 9.

    "Animal sources of protein, including meat, poultry, seafood, milk, and eggs, are the highest quality proteins." p. 8-9.

    The bad? "[I]ndividuals should first aim to consume less than 10 percent of energy as saturated fats and gradually reduce intake over time, while increasing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated sources." p. 8.

    The ugly? "[S]tarchy vegetables remain part of the vegetable group in the USDA Food Patterns." p. 34.

    "Indeed, observational data generally report that higher carbohydrate intake is linked to lower body weight." p. 414.

    The whole thing is 700 pages long, so I haven't delved too deeply into it, but I wonder if it's a tiny change in the right direction. We shall see.
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    Lacks pig skin gelatin, shredded cow brain, and oxen testicles.
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      I think the US in US Dietary guidelines stands for unbelievabley stupid!
      Insert whitty diet remark here!


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        The governments midas touch of stupidity and fail strikes again
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          Can you imagine the backlash, though, if they did a 180 on PUFA's and grains? Actually admit they were wrong?
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            Nestle and Kraft are safe!


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              What really bothers me is that most of their whole grain studies are done with the purpose of comparing diets high in whole grains vs diets low in whole grain, but high in refined grains. They don't site any studies that ditch the grains all-together.

              It just seems so stupid. Of course whole grains are better than refined grains, but are they better than no grains at all? They didn't bother to check up on that.