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Does primal/paleo eating have to be low carb?

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    Originally posted by Katt View Post
    I think that 150 grams of carbs is 'normal'. It's not that we eat low carb, it is that everyone else on SAD eats too many.
    I like the thought of that. Not sure if I am overestimating my carb intake using fitday but it's just an estimate from memory. My current intake could just be too low for me at the moment. Had lunch today with a little more carbs than usual and felt good (could be placebo lol). I think it is pretty tough to get to 100g/day through fruit and veg now I think about it. Even potatoes aren't that high in carbs! Tubers FTW!
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      Originally posted by DeadRockstar View Post
      Personally I don't think it has to be no. In general the leaner you are, the more important the presence of carbs in your diet becomes.

      That said, I cycle carbs. Training days could be 200-250g with off days around 150g. There are both psychological and physiological benefits to carb and calorie cycling, so I think keeping things like that static/low is a mistake for an active and lean person.
      The idea of cycling interests me. I do fewer carbs than you because I am trying to lose some fat and I don't do heavy training. My thought has been to exercise without having had any carbs in order to burn fat. So, does anyone else do cycling?


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        No, I don't think it has to be low-carb. Otherwise how would athletes be paleo? Whatever suits your lifestyle.
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