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Increase Carb Intake Related to Running?

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  • Increase Carb Intake Related to Running?

    I am currently preparing to enter a police academy and am running 3-4 times each week (3-4 miles/run). I have been strict primal for 4-6 months and keep my daily carbs around 60-90g. I consume approx 150g fat and 120g protein. I weigh 175lbs and am 6' tall, 30yrs old. My question is related to my carb intake to fuel my runs. Currently all of my carbs come from nuts, dairy, veggies, and fruit.

    Should I increase my carb intake to fuel the runs? The runs normally last 25-40 minutes and I am not sure if extra (non-PB) carbs would increase my energy for the runs. As I mentioned, I will be entering a police academy for 29 weeks and it is pretty intense each day with running, weights, training, etc, and I want to make sure I am getting all of the energy and fuel I need. Currently, I throw in a sweet potato every now and then, but wasnt sure what the opinions were of adding carbs to fuel intense workouts.

    Any opinions?

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    i found i personally didnt have to increase my carbs for runs like this. but thats just me. i say experiment. i eat a yam or sweet potato every 3 days or so, and that, combined with veggies, seems to be just fine. i run like the wind!


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      No you do not have to increase carbs for runs that are only 3-4 miles. Anything over a 10 miler would warrant a slight increase in carbs such as a sweet potato. You don't want to fall into the Chubby Runner Club, those who *think* they need astonishing amounts of carbs in order to fuel. Only Marathoner's need to consider extra glycogen.


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        Personally I'd say yes for 45 minutes of running at a constant pace, since you're only eating 60-90 otherwise and whatever % of that is fructose isn't going into muscle glycogen anyway. You'll likely hit ketosis if you eat the same as you are now and burn glycogen from running. If you want to keep carbs as low as possible, I'm sure I read something by mark a while ago that suggested 100g carbs for an hour of intense exercise. So try 150g carbs on 45 min run days and see how you go?