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How to eat raw meat?

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  • How to eat raw meat?

    I wondering if anyone on here has had experience with eating a raw paleo diet and what those experiences were/ are.
    I'm thinking of trying it out for myself but I can't help but be a little alarmed about making my own tartars.
    I don't really have access to grass-fed meat, the best I can do is antibiotic free, grain fed, no GMO.

    I'd love to hear your experience/ advice!

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    Not a ton of experience here with raw meat, other than snatching a piece or two while I'm cooking.

    I ate raw venison a while back. Backstraps. They were so delicate and beautiful, I didn't want to ruin them by cooking, so I just sliced them thin and dipped them in tamari- sorta like deer sashimi- lol.

    When I cook my boar bacon, I can't help but to grab a slice of raw and stuff it in my mouth. OMG, that stuff is so good. It's smoked so it's not exactly "raw" but it's raw-ish.

    Haven't really prepared any raw meat dishes, though that's not a bad idea. I have tons of ground (grass-fed/finished, locally butchered) beef that I could use. I like eating my meatloaf/meatball meat raw while I'm preparing it. Maybe making raw meatballs will be in the future.


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      I've had raw bacon before, all the time! The conventional kind too :0
      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
      -Raymond Peat, PhD


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        I wouldnt eat raw unless I raised it or knew who raised it. or maybe if it was wild


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          I eat a little crudo every time I buy a worthy piece of fish and it reaches that perfect slicing state while thawing. Today that was swordfish, thin sliced, olive oil, lemon, salt. Do not cook. Eat. I think it's the best way to check the quality of fish. Cooked, I probably like a half dozen cuts of beef better than filet mignon/tenderloin, but raw, carpaccio, that stuff is gold. My mom served me both of these since as far back as I can remember. I've eaten raw marlin while the fish still lived and wild boar's heart just a minute after the beast died, but that was just weird initiation deals.


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            Originally posted by MeatMe216 View Post
            I wouldnt eat raw unless I raised it or knew who raised it. or maybe if it was wild
            Same here. The facilities of the mass production system of non-grass fed meat is my main concern with regards to raw meat. If thats all you have access to, I'd encourage you to cook it, any nutritional gains from raw would be negligible and I think the risk is too high.

            That said, the only raw meat I've eaten is wild venison (from my family) and mid-high quality sushi.


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              "how to eat raw meat" - carefully
              i can eat raw fish, but raw meat - too scary, not bacteria (you can't see them))) but worms one can end up with


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                With the meat I get, I try not to eat it raw. Of course, "licking the bowl" and "cleaning the cutting board" don't count as eating it raw, right? ;D
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                  With chopsticks.


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                    raw meat

                    parasites do exist in raw meat, but they also exist pretty much everywhere. in dust, vegetables, fruits, air, etc

                    my gf hasn't touched meat in 25 years and she is loaded with parasites.

                    i would go so far as to say that bread, processed milk, and processed grains are more dangerous as far as parasites go than raw meat because you are providing the perfect environment for them in the intestines... undigested gluey sugary toxic buildup.

                    the easiest to digest is raw fish, scallops. then you can try tender cuts of beef like filet mignon. tough cuts of meat are almost impossible to digest raw at least in my experience.

                    do not eat non-organic organ meat. muscle meat is not as toxic as organ meat.

                    what do scallop and crab fishermen eat on their boats when it is -30 degrees and they are working 40 hour shifts? raw bacon. i've never gone near raw pork though. if you think there is a chance you will ever go back to eating grains and processed food, i wouldn't eat raw meat. it works as its own paradigm but when you start mixing and matching diets it isn't smart.


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                      Originally posted by NoSaladWithoutMeat View Post
                      I've had raw bacon before, all the time! The conventional kind too :0
                      Sounds good. I'm tempted to try this.
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                        I live in a part of Italy where raw beef is a major part of the diet. BUT, people get this meat from the local butcher, piedmontese beef is some of the best beef you can buy, the meat is chopped or sliced right in front of you, the whole piece.

                        I understand that the problem is really the pre-packaged meat that is more prone to bacteria problems or other.

                        I wouldnt eat raw pork or chicken.


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                          I am sure many people who turn their nose up at the thought of raw meat, would have no problem eating raw cookie dough. Personally, I like my steak so fresh it's still squirming.
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                            Yeah, my only concern is parasite. I know my body can fight off the bacteria, but those pesky worms! I dont know about that. I read they hate coconut oil, but i dont know how effective it really is when your eating raw meat on a daily basis.
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                              I eat raw cow very often.