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ashamed to be primal? +metformin question

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    when i eat healthy i find my met dose (2000) makes me hypoglycemic and i have to eat more carbs to feel better....but when i eat bad i don't really get that...but maybe this keeps me from losing weight too? can we change our met dose if we are not 100 percent with diet or low carb?
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      Hi there just wanted to share this with you. on primal trying hard to be strict with myself. I am a chocoholic badddddd. Need to loose 5 kilos still, at gym listening to some ladies talking , lady said i need to loose so much weight getting fatter fatter then went on to say cant eat fat makes me have runs and feels so sick. Ladies around her agreeing , i butted in and said i eat lots of fat just cut out grains ect they all looked at me like i was crazy , saying to me im just sure you eat fats.. Its soo fustrating..

      Im just saying.....


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        I have Type 2 diabetes and have been low carbing since 2010 and Primal since March. I'm on 2000mg Metformin and apart from the occasional square or two of Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa chocolate the only carbs I get are from veg.

        My advice to anyone on Metformin (Glucophage) is to test your blood glucose levels with a meter and consult your doctor about lowering the dose when it's normal. Going off piste could result in higher BG levels and though you may have no symptoms, over time raised BG levels will do all sorts of damage to small arteries for example.

        Metformin is supposed not to give actual hypos but it is possible to get false hypos on Metformin, I've had them. There is research being done that shows that metformin can prevent some cancers and of any of the BG lowering oral drugs it's the safest for the heart. It hasn't been around long in USA but has been used in Europe since the 50s.

        As for the trolley-gazing, it could be envy that you're breaking the carb habit.. the people who look at my stuff on the conveyor at the checkout always seem to be huge with a trolley full of cheap bread and pasta.
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          Just remember that there will come a day when you're the skinny one, buying bacon and eggs and heavy cream, looking scornfully into the basket of lean cuisines and diet cokes being purchased by the fatties in line beside you.

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