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Verdict on those Tex-Mex tacos....

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  • Verdict on those Tex-Mex tacos....

    Hard shell taco
    Black beans
    Lettuce & Tomato

    Yes, the shell is like a Dorito (carbs, starch, high glycemic, etc)
    Beans are prob. loaded with salt.

    But, this is better than typical fast food, right?

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    Uh, no. The only fast food that you can do that's close to Primal is probably a salad with meat, hold any dressing they give you, and just squeeze a lemon over the top.


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        "Typical fast food" - Hmmm. I guess what comes to mind is a supersized bacon cheeseburger, supersized fries and supersized cola.

        CW would say that all the bacon, cheese and beef was horrible for you. I guess our problem would be ingredients in them. If you went to an old fashioned local restaurant that grinds fresh beef and uses good cheese, not a problem.

        IMHO, the fast food bun is much worse than a good tortilla, which I eat a few of per week. Not sure what's in the tortilla shells.

        I also eat some beans every week. But beef or chicken would be more primal in your taco.

        Yes, I think the dish you describe is better than typical fast food.


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          I believe the closest thing to primal fast food you can get would be KFC's grilled chicken with green beans. yes, its conventional meat that in all likelihood have additives in them, but its meat and green beans. You cannot go too wrong with that.


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            My ideal fast food is half chicken with green beans and mixed veggies from Boston Market. As far as tex mex, most places like Chipotle let you get a burrito "salad" style, on a bed of lettuce with veggies instead of rice. Steak, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions and peppers topped with sour cream and cheese is pretty solid in my book. Chipotle theoretically uses decent meats too, although not grassfed.


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              Forget fast food alternatives, what are your thoughts on the tex-mex taco?


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                Um my thoughts are it's not good for you. Ditch the shell and beans and have a BAS taco style!!! Mmmmmmmmmm greens loaded with spicy salsa, ground beef (or I like grilled shrimp tossed in chipotle butter) peppers, grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream, drizzled with a southwestern dressing I make with primal mayo, taco seasonings (homemade not the packet) and an avacado, all zuzzed up in the food processor. OMG so spicy and good.
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                  Originally posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
                  Forget fast food alternatives, what are your thoughts on the tex-mex taco?
                  Well, um, they are not Tex-Mex. Should be handmade tortillas, filled with ground beef and onions fried in lard, refried beans with lard, sauce from a can, grated American cheese. Fry the whole thing in more lard. Serve with more refried beans and fried rice. Wash down with Mexican beer.

                  Ah, memories of childhood comfort food! (Well, not the beer. Hehe.)