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Still going PM but stuck at 229...

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  • Still going PM but stuck at 229...

    Into my 3rd week of being primal and still feel great with lots of energy, clear head and overall positive outlook on life. Cool!!!! So, I still have a scale, and I hopped on it this morning (I know, I know!) and it said 229.... this was what I was last week. Am I at a peak or have I just been gaining more muslce than fat burning? I've only been lifting twice per week, so it's hard for me to imagine gaining more muscle than losing 5-8 pounds like I did during the first two weeks. Perhaps I'm eating too much fat? Thoughts?


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    You are probably not eating too much fat. Its only been a week that you have stayed the same? No worries then..I suggest only weighing yourself every 2 weeks at most. I know with my weight loss I'll go 3 weeks without losing, then I'll lose 5lbs in one week..its very odd...everyones body loses at different speeds...I wouldn't stress about it this early in the game.
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      Thanks for the reply. Weighing is a compulsive thing for me... I'll "try" to stop so much. lol


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        3 weeks is nothing. Keep at it and if you're stuck at 229 in 3 months... then we'll talk


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          Yes, three weeks is nothing. I can stay the same for longer and then drop five pounds in the next couple of weeks. It's how weight loss works and it gets worse as you lose more and more weight.
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            I know there are those who say to not pay any attention to calories and just eat until you're not hungry, but I find that doesn't work for me.

            I have to keep calories in check as well. I *can* eat too much fat...which results in calories being too high for me to lose. I try to keep calories in the 1250-1500 range. If I'm still feeling hungry then I need to eat more vegetables (filling, yet low in calories).

            I imagine that when I am working on maintaining weight loss I won't have to worry about calories as much.