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Inflammation and drugs

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  • Inflammation and drugs

    I know that one of the foundations of PB is fighting inflammation. This has led to some confusion for me in regards to a specific condition on my supra spinatus rotator cuff that is called Chronic Tendinosis ( Oh, and yes, it is diagnosed via MRI, not a self-diagnosed condition.

    Normally its not a problem, but every once in awhile I'll finish a WoD that has heavy overhead lifting and my shoulder will start to ache and throb for days. When this happens the only way I can get it to stop is to take a regimen of Aleve along with regular icing for about 5 - 8 days and it will clear up.

    However, I have seen on these forums that people tend to shy away from painkillers and the like. I am very much against taking medicine unnecessarily, but I have to wonder if taking painkillers to fight this shoulder inflammation is worse than letting it run rampant?

    Which is the bigger enemy here?

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    I don't think there is any evidence that tendinosis contributes to systemic inflammation in a way that affects mortality, and I probably even less evidence that treating it with NSAIDS have any positive long term effect.

    I think probably the more important thing is if the pain is stressful enough that you can't relax and be happy and sleep well.

    All subjective opinions


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        chronic pain (which, for that long a period would be considered chronic during that period of time) stresses your body out. The inflammation isn't necessarily the biggest problem, so much as the overall stress that being in pain puts on your body. I'm not saying that the Alleve is your best option, but just gritting your teeth and dealing with it isn't either. Perhaps looking into other pain management techniques? I have to think that there are more natural ways to handle internal inflammation, some type of herbs or some such. Other options: acupuncture - if you are a proponent of it, biofeedback.


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          Thanks guys, I feel better about taking the NSAIDs now. This only flares up maybe twice a year and when it does it drives me crazy, but I definitely feel better about taking the pain killers.

          Fyrespryte, I've never tried any herbal or alternative treatments but I am not against them. I think I should do some research and see what I can find.


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            Rivvin, ironically I remember reading (but don't have the link) that NSAIDs have a systemic anti-inflammatory effect, meaning they counteract a lot of the bad things. Obviously, I'm not recommending them, but with all the focus on inflammation, I suspect people will be researching this further. I do know that athletes that take them chronically and get dehydrated have kidney issues, so be sure you stay well hydrated.