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Loosing weight, but bod fat % not moving as quick

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  • Loosing weight, but bod fat % not moving as quick

    I read the Primal Blueprint and think it is dead on. Basically I have incorporated all the thoughts of eating and exercising. I'm getting frustrated because my weight is at 166 but my body fat % keeps hovering around 21%. I am 5'8" so I want to get my body fat% down to about 15%. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

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    no one is going to be able to suggest what you might be doing wrong until they know what youre doing to begin with. give us your age, gender, activity levels, and a a sample of what you normally eat during the week, what supplements youre taking etc. any other goals besides lowering bf%?
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      Everyone's body is different. It might just take more time for you.

      Also you don't say whether you're male or female... if you're female, 21% is a perfectly reasonable amount of fat from your body's point of view.

      Good luck!


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        how are you calculating your body fat?
        Starting Weight : 338lbs 6/11/2010
        Current Weight: 266lbs
        High-school Weight: 235lbs
        Goal: ????


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          Originally posted by Russ View Post
          how are you calculating your body fat?
          +1. This can make ALL the difference in the world.