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some thoughts on fruit and new world plants

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  • some thoughts on fruit and new world plants

    fruit: i have ,indeed,become very fond of various fruits and have likely been over consuming them. that has been,however,a practice that has been a huge help in eliminating grains,legumes and dairy. i will cut back radically. use them as "flavoring" for my salads as a manuver to stay off of variuos salad dressings. all dressings i have found,even in health food stores,contain soy and/or corn oils. i hate vinegar dressings. i am still not totally convinced of the massive potential harm in legumes and diary. i have deleted them from my diet anyway and will see what develops from that.

    new world plants issues: assuming that we evolved in africa and spread out from there. and that seems to have happened in a rather short time frame genetically and geologically, including discovery of the new world and it's use,settlement and exploitation just 600 years ago. in our diffusion,we found many new foods not present at the time of the rise of the "finished product". IMHO to assume that such new foods are suspect just on that basis is a bit of overkill. i don't believe that one can assume,as some do,that something not in situ where we developed is automatically a sign of "we shouldn't eat it". there is no a priori evidence that new plants and animals were and are bad choices. some things good or suitable for use could easily evolved in places we didn't. these thoughts arise from the ongoing nightshade debate. as such, i watch this issue closely as peppers and tomatoes are a big part of my salad program. the leaky gut issue is something i have dealt with due to trauma,sepsis etc in the ICU setting . how real a problem is it in the everyday world,i wonder? lastly, if ones holds to the other prevalent evolutionary theory of the spontaneous development of humankind in seperate areas,but roughly the same time frame,how would this possibility impact maximal dietary practice in differnt populations? thoughts/input anyone?