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i really suck at IF ! help!

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  • i really suck at IF ! help!

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    Originally posted by annahiggie View Post
    hey folks!

    okay so i am pretty primal - for an inner city dweller anyway.
    my diet is very clean - basically veggies (some raw, some cooked), and protein (eggs, fish, pork, veal, beef when i can afford it, etc). no fruit or sugar or grains AT ALL.
    i do drink black unsweetened coffee and drink wine on the weekend sometimes....
    lots of green tea daily as well.

    I LOVE what this diet does to my body. The weight just drops off. its greaT
    and i love that there is less pressure to beat myself up with super tough workouts all the time.

    I have been trying to incorporate IF into my life.
    I don't exactly need it for weightloss as the primal diet alone seems to be enough for me to steadily shift those pounds.
    And I'm in no rush. I weigh 150 pounds and I am 175cm tall. So.... I am not fat and I'm not skinny. I'm just... normal ish, but I would like to maybe just lose 10 pounds to feel ideal, y'know?

    The thing I find attractive about IF is all the health benefits I have read about. I don't need to go into all that though, as I'm sure y'all know it all....

    But heres the thing - everytime I try a simple little 20 - 24 hour fast, I feel WEIRD.
    The first few hours when I wake up is bliss... Until about 1-2 pm, I feel light, almost a little high, and yet sedated. Kind of like I've taken half a valium...its kind of fun.

    Then at some point something shifts; I start to feel dizzy, I can't stop thinking about food, my body feels heavy, and I feel like I'm going to faint everytime I stand up.

    I almost always give in at around 3-4 pm. (I'm usually aiming for 8pm for a full 24 hour fast.)

    I'll have some eggs or walnuts and a BAS, and then all will be returned to normal. My energy lifts, my head clears, and all is right with the world. I don't feel guilty for breaking the fast, just a bit peeved that everyone else manages it and I can't.... And I can't for the life of me understand how some people do these fasts and manage to go to work / drive / deal with family.
    Theres no way I could do any of that stuff with the way i feel after a few hours of fasting.
    I teach English for a living and I cannot imagine trying to get up and teach a class for two hours during a fast...

    Anyway, is this normal?
    is it just because i'm a newbie to the fasting game?
    why are you doing a such a long fast? 16 hours is pretty much optimal for fat burning and minimum muscle loss. anything past 18 hours and that ratio starts to favor of muscle loss. the fact that you are "giving in" and breaking your fasts around 3 or 4 pm (right at 16 hours if you start the fast at 9-10pm the night before) is totally normal and indicative of this optimal time frame.

    longer fasts are not all bad though, I just have no idea why people feel the need to jump in and try to do 24 hour fasts and then feel dizzy and faint. 24 hour fasts are anything but "simple". start with 12-16 hours and work from there.

    I would also like to say that unless you have your nutrition dialed in and PERFECT, you may be doing yourself more harm than good with IF. Everyone should make sure they are getting optimum nutrition, especially on the micronutirient scale, if they are going to start integrating IF, otherwise you will be dragged down and stressed very easily. Are you taking any vitamins or supps at all?
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      If you're hungry at 1 or 2 pm, eat. My are fasts normally ~16hrs. More is not necessarily better.

      Now, giving your height in cm, then using "y'all" - does not compute.


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        Agree with the above and since a pattern has developed, I think you should preempt the dizziness by eating before it happens. Then you might want to fiddle with your late meal -- eat later, eat more, eat twice (whatever) -- and see if that changes things. More calories before the start of a fast may help you extend it. Our metabolisms function differently. There isn't an ideal cookie cutter IF program for all of us. The high that you wake with I experience at about 20 hours. It's generally my cue to go for a long walk then food.


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          My eating window is from four to six hours every day, but it does move around somewhat depending on what I am doing. My IF plan has been continuously evolving and probably will continue to do so, but that is what works really well for me. My advice would be just to reduce your eating windows somewhat and not to sweat going 20 or 24 hours right away (or maybe ever if that doesn't work for you) IF shouldn't have you sweating bullets and getting stressed in my opinion.


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            Daemonized- are you still losing weight at a consistent rate doing IF this way?
            && It's not just about living well, it's about dying well.


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              I think Mark had a post a month or so about it, where the optimal fasting time for females is actually about 14hrs, compared to 17hrs for males ... after that you get very much diminishing returns. I'll try to find it...


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                Originally posted by m e g a n foxy View Post
                Daemonized- are you still losing weight at a consistent rate doing IF this way?
                Yes, I am losing weight consistently but very slowly at this point. I have a single digit bf percentage and I'm trying to loose the very last bit of my fat while still putting on muscle. My waist is about 29 inches now which I really didn't think was possible.


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                  Originally posted by Daemonized View Post
                  Yes, I am losing weight consistently but very slowly at this point. I have a single digit bf percentage and I'm trying to loose the very last bit of my fat while still putting on muscle. My waist is about 29 inches now which I really didn't think was possible.
                  hey Daemon- do you play with your calories at all or do you consume pretty much the same # everyday? Do you do any calorie over-feeding in the spirit of a leptin/metabolism "reset"? Any days at all where you eat breakfast/lunch or is it IF Monday-Monday? My preferred "default" setting is probably a ketogenic diet with IF, but I find that I need to have days with lots of cals and lots of eating for the IF to feel dynamic to me. How are you building muscle without a calorie surplus (at least on somedays) is basically what Im askin....


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                    I really don't count total calories and I couldn't accurately say how many I am getting. The only surplus that concerns me is getting enough protein. The bulk of the content of my dinners are meat and my second meal every day is generally eggs and I think that's what supports the muscle gains.


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                      I would say thought that Sunday is a family dinner day and I probably get more calories on Sunday than any other day. I IF though every day weekends included unless there is a rare event where I feel the need to eat with family or something.