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  • Advice please :)

    Hi everybody!

    Iím not a newbie to PB (been eating primally since last October and plan to do so for life!) but I am a newbie to posting to the forum. I visit the forums to read often but wanted some advice from my fellow PBíers.

    I have yo-yoíd since I was 14, done all of the fad diets, and had never been able to keep it off (now I know why-thanks Mark!). My heaviest being 199 in HS and throughout my 20ís fluctuating between 150-180 after that. On my last fad diet (in í07) I went down to 133-with no excercise(Iím 5í3) and was the ďthinnestĒ I had ever been as an adult. Of course, I was unable to maintain that and was starting to creep again until I found PB.

    Long story short, I didnít weigh myself when I started PB but Iím assuming I was about 150. I still havenít weighed myself -Iíve always hated the scale! I measure with clothes but I know that I went down some a few pounds at the beginning.

    I havenít lost a lot of weight (been maintaining) since Iíve started PB but I do feel great. (I was the only one who didnít get a cold this past winter and I will never listen to CW ever again). I do want to lose about 15-20 pds and the reasons I think I havenít lost the pds are:

    1) I donít work out consistently that way I should (walk/sprint 1x)/lift things) and I am starting to do that this week
    2) I donít know if I have my fat/protein/carb ratios right. (I really think Iím not enough fat)
    3) Iím eating too many nuts and dairy
    4) Eating too often (still eat 3 times a day)

    Hereís a typical day:
    Cup of half regular/half decaf coffee with regular half & half
    2-3 eggs cooked in approx. 1 tbsp butter (I donít measure)
    with approx. 1 cup veggies (mushrooms & spinach) or
    2 strips of nitrate free trader joeís bacon
    ĺ-1 cup full fat greek yogurt with Ĺ cup berries, pinch of organic shredded coconut, 2 tbsp crushed macadamia nuts

    BAS with a drizzle of EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar
    With chicken thighs, steak, pork chops, etc.
    ďTrail mixĒ Ĺ ziplock baggie with almonds, a few macadamias, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or
    Baby carrots and 2 tbsp almond butter

    Some type of protein again and a side of steamed veggies with butter

    Snacks (4 out of the 7 days a week):
    Handful of nuts
    Baby carrots with almond butter
    Few pieces of 70 % dark chocolate

    Thanks for reading my long post and I look forward to your tips and/or advice!

    P.S. I'm 31 yrs old (but feel 24, lol)

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    Personally, I've never found the 'ratios' to be important--I focus on getting enough protein and limiting my carbs, and the fat usually takes care of itself with my use of butter, EVOO, and the meat. To me, your key points are the last two.

    I like your menu, but at your current size, that would be far too much food for me. It's not a popular idea here, but calories DO count eventually--I'm someone who can gain on almost zero carbs! If you want to lose, I'd cut out the 'snacks' and the nuts first and see how that helps.


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      Plug it into Fitday and have a look?

      I suppose being obsessed with quantities and measures is a bad thing, but it'd be useful for getting an idea of what you're eating.

      For losing weight it seems the best strategy is to be slightly calorie-restricted (not too much) and low on carbs. I'd not have thought you were overdoing the carbohydrate. The apple would be highish and the chocolate, too, depending on how much you ate, but I don't think anything else there would push the figure up. But pop the data into Fitday and see what you get.

      Mark suggests 50-100 grams/day of carbs is the "Primal Sweet Spot for Effortless Weight Loss":

      I expect the right exercise will help, as you say. i don't think there's any proof that two meals a day are better for weight loss than three. There seems to be some evidence that four or more is too many, but two or three seems to be "normal". Skip one meal occasionally if you really don't feel hungry?


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        I totally suggest tracking your food (just eat normally but plug it in) for a week or so so you can "see" what your ratios are like. That's the starting point! It's not that tracking should be a daily thing forever, or even often, but it's an educational tool that gets us to see what is in the foods we eat. Unfortunatley I think a lot of us are pretty far removed from that, so it's good knowledge. you'll find eventually you won't track because you can TELL what foods you need, or what you're short on, LOL.

        Some of the things that I know can effect fat loss for a lot of people are nuts and dairy. That isn't everybody, it's an individual thing, so it's something you'll have to figure out for yourself (basically remove one and see how it goes!).

        Also, I would add taking measurements (not just using your clothes) so you can get a picture of how your body composition is changing. You may find you're losing in one place and not another for a bit, so it seems like you're not progressing, when you are. The body is funny that way. I'm with you on ditching the scale though, it's a bad method of measurement frankly.

        I still eat three times a day as well. I don't think that's a big deal. And I think, until you get to know your macros well, and what fat/carb/protein ratios work best for YOU, don't mess with two meals, or IF or any of that. you really need to have your body functioning fully on burning fat for fuel and getting the right nutrients before you do that kind of thing or your body will be stressing to function, which isn't what you want.

        Anyway, those are my ideas to help you figure out what works best for you!

        Good luck!
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          Those handfuls of nuts and trail mix can really add up. You'd be better off frying up a dozen eggs and keeping them in the fridge for snacks.


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            Thank you all for your advice!

            Emmie: I do agree that calories do count to a point and that I may be eating too many! (because of the nuts & chocolate) so I am going to cut out them out as snacks for sure.

            Lewis: I will definitely start tracking on FitDay...I feel like it will help me see the bigger picture. I agree that being obsessed with quantities and measures is a bad thing, but it would be helpful for me at this point to get an idea of what I'm eating.

            Minxxa: I agree about the nuts and dairy and I think I may be one of those people that it does affect! I do like eating 3 times a day but really do need to know and learn my macors and need to have my body function on fully burning fat for fuel. I will definitely take measurements, I think I tend to forget about the power of the tape measure!

            Dragonmamma: Eggs! I think I am going to turn to these as a "snack" instead

            Thanks again!


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              That's about as much as I eat in a single day, and I'm a 37 y/o 200-or-so lb male (I'm assuming you're a female with those stats and goals - apologies if I'm drawing incorrect conclusions) so, yeah, I'd say that's a lot of chow. I swear by fitday, personally.


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                Hi Blank_faceplate: You are right, I'm a female A female that eats like a man! I'm definitely going to be using fitday to keep track



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                  Yeah I'm with faceplate... I eat like that (minus the nuts) and I usually come out to about 2500 - 2800 calories daily as a 25 yr old 165 pound male.

                  I'm trying to maintain weight / build strength, so for a woman of your stature this may be a little much caloric intake!

                  I could probably stand to cut my own down a bit, but I'm already hungry 24/7 and have no desire to make it even worse!


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                    That is also basically what I eat, I've been steadily losing weight but I started at 220, male. Ditch the nuts and go to two meals a day at least a couple of times a week. Maybe throw in a day or two of VLC just for grins, and start sprinting!
                    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                      Looks like I have been eating too much! (I logged my food into fit day and got to see what an old typical day was....)

                      Thanks again everyone!


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                        Originally posted by eesab View Post
                        Looks like I have been eating too much! (I logged my food into fit day and got to see what an old typical day was....)

                        Thanks again everyone!
                        Are you as big a cocktease in real life as you are here?

                        Please post the information that fitday provided (calories, etc). Thanks in advance for not leaving us all hanging that responded to your thread.

                        edit: tease would have been nicer, but doesn't cocktease just kind of roll off the tongue? It really is a marvelous word I think.


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                          Originally posted by eesab View Post
                          Looks like I have been eating too much! (I logged my food into fit day and got to see what an old typical day was....)

                          Thanks again everyone!
                          Hi E -- so what did the fitday come out to? Don't feel bad -- I'm a big eater too! Ours stories/stats are pretty similar.

                          I lost 10 lbs. pretty quickly when I first started primal eating (in May I think) ---I was eating a good bit and not tracking. I think those first 10 wooshed off in response to my quitting all grains and sugars and cutting out (or way down) on alcohol. I sort of got a mindset of how wonderful PB was, I could eat whatever (as long as it was primal), I didn't have to measure or count calories (I did that for years), etc. It was a relief, and I was just enjoying this new found way of eating. As the summer progressed, I've noticed my weight has stayed right around the upper 140s (147-149), and the next 10 lbs. is definitely not wooshing off! Dang it.

                          So, about 4 days ago I started tracking on dailyplate (livestrong), and I have realized my carbs had been creeping up and my protein wasn't enough. I'm also trying this week (starting yesterday) to be VLC for about a week --no booze, no chocolate, very low fruit, etc. - to see what happens. And I joined the Aug challenge thread on here to keep myself accountable.

                          I really think you will see results now that you are tracking and upping your exercise. Good luck, and I hope we can both lose these last 10-15 together!
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                            Huzzah for tossing the scale and having no idea what you weigh!! I have no idea what I weigh, nor did Grokette.

                            Take it easy on the nuts. Some people can do cheese, but try it without and see how your body responds. You might be pleasantly surprised, as I was.
                            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                              Sorry I didn't post the FitDay info! I'm new at posting remember

                              So this was what FitDay said when I put everything in...

                              Calories: 2,423
                              Fat: 194.5
                              Carbs: 62.1


                              And I was worried about not getting enough fat, lol! Alot of my calories and fat were from the nuts but my calories seem high for someone who doesn't work out right?

                              I tracked what I ate yesterday and this is what I got:

                              Carbs:91.8-carbs are higher because I ate a banana-I never eat them-but my husband does & he's out of town and I didn't want to waste the last one


                              I didn't have any nuts at all and I am going to lay off of them for sure, I was outta control! I also went on a nice 6 mile bike ride yesterday and might start riding my bike to and from work (6 miles) 3 times a week.

                              Angieh: We can totally do it! Thanks for the motivation!
                              Tigerlily: You're right! I never thought about grokette not knowing how much she weighed. I don't want to get hung up on a number (those were the pre-PB days). Now the tape measure, clothes and how I feel are going to be my way of "knowing" how much I weigh.

                              Thanks again everyone!! :-)
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