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NuVal - numerically scoring what is "healthy"

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  • NuVal - numerically scoring what is "healthy"

    I saw this article in the WSJ a few days ago:

    The New Nutritionist: Your Grocer

    It describes NuVal, a new numerical scoring system for processed foods that has been developed, to produce a rating from 1 (low in nutrition) to 100 (very nutritious). As you can predict, the examples they provide are laughable... Post Shredded Wheat cereal scores a 91. And a 91 for frozen hash browns! How did yogurt end up with a score of 99?! :P

    It irritates me how there is never a shortage of self-proclaimed experts who think it's their duty to dictate what everyone else should eat.

    I would bet that within a few years, particularly if Obamacare isn't rescinded, there will be taxes placed on the foods deemed by our masters as 'unhealthy'. Bacon surcharge! :P
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    Ugh. I think REM said it best: it's the end of the world as we know it.
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