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Raymond Peat and fish oil

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  • Raymond Peat and fish oil

    A friend just sent me this above link. Has anyone read this? This guy is majorly anti- fish oil. Can someone more well-versed on fish oil comment on this?


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    I'd also like to see more about that :-/


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      I'm reading some of his articles on that website and now am thoroughly confused.


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        Originally posted by ShannonPA-S View Post
        I'm reading some of his articles on that website and now am thoroughly confused.
        “If you aren’t confused by health and nutrition information, then you haven’t studied the subject long enough, or deeply enough.”

        Haha I've been refining some of the 'primal laws' on whole grains and carbs in general and feel better. Low carb was pounding my adrenals.


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          I could not follow his article because 1) I don't have the background in biology or chemistry; 2) I didn't want to invest in something that is just one person's possibly deranged rant.

          I began supplementing with fish oil many years ago as a way to reduce the inflammation and pain of my osteoarthritis. It seems to have helped enormously, and I was able to get off the arthritis meds that I'd been taking for 20 years. I'm hypothyroid, and so I have my blood tested (including lipids) regularly. All my blood values are excellent, and except for my thyroid meds, I take no other Rx--and I'm 69 years old.

          So I prefer to believe that the fish oil has been helping rather than hurting all these years--I also eat a lot of fish.


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            Thanks, emmie. My gut feeling is that it would help more than hurt also. I think, in reading some of his crazy articles, that he recommends against muscle meats for hypothyroid patients. I'm just going to forget about his "views." I guess you can always find someone to believe in something.