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I Feel Bad For My Father

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  • I Feel Bad For My Father

    Conversation between my father and I this morning...

    NOTE: This is not exact but as close as I can remember - the main point remains the same.

    SETTING: I was eating my liver with scrambled eggs and green smoothie on the counter and my Dad was cracking eggs by the sink and throwing them into the pan. We were having a discussion about our relatives coming up today - ones who live in San Diego, CA (we live in Michigan so its a big deal!)

    Then I saw him dump a yolk in the sink and my mind was going crazy... I interrupted our current conversation by saying...

    Me: Are you throwing away the yolk?

    Dad: Yes, I already have 3 in there (in the pan).

    Me: Whats wrong with more?

    Dad: I just don't want them.

    Me: Why? There must be a reason.

    Dad: I don't want to argue with you. Its the cholesterol.

    We ended it there. He knows my thoughts on cholesterol. And, I am certain he is confused about it all. I mean, when you are almost 60 years old, are in great health (he really is) was a pharmaceutical sales rep for 25 years (a very successful one who got laid off 2 years ago) then all of a sudden thinking cholesterol is good for you (well, some - but an egg has no harmful effect) is a challenge.

    I have been primal for 4 months and my parents have slowly changed. He does eat eggs more often and he eats more salads for Dinner. If I cook Dinner they will eat it (just not liver yet).

    There are just sooooooooo many nutrients in the yolk! But, people don't eat it because of cholesterol. Its sad when you think about it. An egg is so damn cheap (21 cents for a pastured egg here) yet people don't eat many because of cholesterol.

    This is why I live a primal lifestyle. It makes sense. We evolved for thousands of years and studies don't really matter. We are who we are because of how we lived guys! We have only been "afraid" of cholesterol, saturated fat, fat in general, etc. for what? 30 years or so? Studies can be great - but its best to think common sense.

    Well, I would love your thoughts on this! I hope I inspired a few newbies here.
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    What an upside down world! Children trying to convince their parents to eat liver & eggs! :googlyeyes:
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      at least he was eating three of the yolks.
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        Said with kindness...... you kind of sound like you're harping. You've told your parents your mindset and they seem to go along quite well. They're still adults with their own minds to make up. Your poor pappy is gonna start preparing his eggs in the closet to hide his nefarious activities.
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          You got upset with your dad for eating 'only' 3 whole eggs?

          That's pretty funny. Almost 60 are really healthy. He must be doing something right.

          Mine eats healthy by not ordering the supersize fries.

          You should have asked him to cook them for you.
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            Sadly, there is nothing you can do without appearing bombastic. If they are aware of your lifestyle and the rationale behind it, then let them be. I am in a similar situation (and I'm from northern Illinois; go midwest!), except one of my parents caught on and the other one is still reluctant to accept my lifestyle.

            My mom was very intrigued by the primal ideas, they made sense to her. She started following a primal lifestyle, with plenty of the 20% rule to boot, and lost a good amount of weight. She is now reading the primal blueprint, which says a lot, because is not the best of English speakers (we moved to the US from Ukraine in 1997).

            My stepdad on the other hand, is very stubborn! He hates when I cook bacon. He thinks it damages my body that I eat so much meat (although he loves the processed, MSG and sugar laden sausage from the local deli piled on bread). He really doesn't eat much besides noodles, that processed sausage, bread, cheese, and conventional meat. He also loves sweets and always buys muffins, cakes, and other sugar, chemical, and trans-fat laden products. He also thinks it is weird that I like to be barefoot. Sadly, his biological son is pretty overweight and can't seem to lose any. I've been slowly telling him about the PB and he's also intrigued by it.

            I feel bad for my stepdad too, because he is really eating the wrong things; he likes them though, and I don't want to make it look like I am the omnibus of dietary knowledge. At least my mom went on board!
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              Whenever I discuss anything primal related with my parents, I get the "that's nice dear" look. They smile politely, but I know they think I'm full of s#!t. I'm okay with that, though. We all make our choices in life. They're relatively healthy and they're still here. We all have to go at some time.

              I think three eggs is still pretty good, at least it's 3 out of 4 yolks! That's 75% fat.
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                Why don't you give your poor dad a break? He's obviously trying to placate you to a degree - riding him incessantly is really only going to have the opposite effect you wish it would. And, taking it a step further - what if PB is *wrong*? What if saturated fats and cholesterol *really are* bad for you? Do you want that on your conscience?


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                  Yeah lay off the old man. Simply ask him to save the yolks for you, instead of throwing them away. Think about it from his perspective, and you'll realize how preachy you sound.
                  If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                    There is a point of diminishing returns with parents. I gave my dad the PB book for Father's Day and have talked it up but I try not to harp too much. I got him to eat buffalo tongue during his last visit--that was a coup. In general though, be real careful about picking your fights with parents and remember that it is ok if change comes slowly.


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                      I'm trying to convince my parents to give up the soy stuff and it might be working.
                      They've started to ad a little more fat and chicken to their diet.

                      Baby steps


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                        Originally posted by tfarny View Post
                        Yeah lay off the old man. Simply ask him to save the yolks for you, instead of throwing them away. Think about it from his perspective, and you'll realize how preachy you sound.
                        Amen. My mom is almost 84. She's been diabetic for 30 years and controlled it nicely with meds and diet. She is doing great and her morning biscotti makes her happy. Taking it from her would be bad for her health. We know this from when she runs out and the stress causes her to drive in traffic she can no longer handle.


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                          Originally posted by tfarny View Post
                          Simply ask him to save the yolks for you, instead of throwing them away.
                          That was my thought as I read the initial post. The thought of a perfectly good egg yolk circling the drain seemed so tragic. I kept thinking of all the things I could do with that yolk.


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                            I guess I forgot to mention that he shared the eggs with his lovely wife. So, no it was not 3 whole eggs. He probably had half - 2.5 egg whites and 1.5 egg yolks. What did he have along with it? Toast......

                            Thanks for your comments though. I have become more and more patient recently. And, they are heading in the right direction. My mother used to cook fake meat vegan food 2-3 times per week at least. She probably did that 3 times last month! I of course cooked my own food during that time.

                            Baby steps...
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                              This morning I got a newsletter via email from Dr Mercola talking in detail about the cholesterol myth, why we need it in our bodies and demystifying the readings we get from blood tests. Have a look and maybe print it out for your dad. I'm going to print it off and send it to my dad.