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  • Fruit in the evening

    I'm new to the Primal Blueprint and this forum, so first things first hello to all from sunny Spain. I have been following the Primal Blueprint for about 2 weeks now so just getting to grips with it and so far I feel great. I do have one question however, is it an issue to eat a piece of fruit fairly late in the evening e.g. an apple or plum, also when I say a piece of fruit I mean the whole thing, thanks for your help,


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    I've personally found that eating fruit before bad has no impact on my bodyfat percentage. I think that as long as you're primal and avoiding those foods that you should avoid then you can eat the "allowed" foods whenever you want.

    I've been doing the Primal Blueprint for about a month now and I've decreased my lifting and exercise by about 50%. I now lift heavy 2-3 times a week unlike the 5-6 times I did previously. I sprint once a week, unlike the 2-3 times a week that I did previously. And I go on nice long walks a few times per week. I eat constantly all day including up until about an hour before I go to sleep and I've actually lost BF. I wake up in the mornings now and I can see veins in my stomach that I could never see before.

    IMO, If you're hungry EAT!... including the apple before bed.