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Is all milk created equal?



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  • Is all milk created equal?

    We need this discussion! If you don't do dairy this isn't for you.

    This isn't about cheese, yoghurt, butter, or cream. Just MILK.

    So especially for me in the UK I can't get raw milk. I wanna know what peoples thought are on the second best source? Stuff in supermarkets.

    1) WHATS MORE IMPORTANT: organic or unhomogenized?
    I can choose from either organic but homogenized or unhomogenized (gold top) but not necessarily organic.

    2) AND what about GOATS MILK?

    cant get unhomogenised or organic, but I've read alot that its so much more suited to human consumption/absorption/digestion than the protein types found in cows milk.

    I mentioned this in another thread but wanted to dedicate its own thread.

    Thank you very much for you thoughts.

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    goats milk is closer to human milk. Secondly, goats milk does not have to be homogenised.

    Homogenisation is about stopping the fat from separating with the rest. I'm not sure there is any nutritional benefit to unhomogenised, its probably more of a taste thing.

    The big question is pasteurised or unpasteurised, but really unpasteurised milk is another way of raw milk. Good luck finding that.

    Organic is probably better, but what really matters is whether they are grass fed or not. Another thing to consider is whether the milk is A1 or A2, but I don't know how it works in the UK.
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      Organic milk will have infinitesimal quantities of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides, if any at all. It doesn't guarantee that the cows were grass-fed or raised under humane conditions, but from what I understand, organic dairies tend to be a bit better to their cows.

      Homogenization is a process that incorporates the cream into the milk. This is done by forcing the milk to flow through tiny holes by subjecting it to extremely high pressure. This alters the structure of the milk fat. Unprocessed milk fat is one of the most highly esteemed traits of raw milk.

      If you have a health foods store near you, they may carry some non-homogenized brands of milk which sell milk from farms that, despite not being organic, raise their cows responsibly. Do some research on those particular brands. If it is non-homogenized and rid of growth hormones and antibiotics, I would more than likely choose that over an organic brand that homogenizes and ultra-pasteurizes their milk.

      Then again, if you can't get it raw, it might be better to simply avoid milk! :]
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        Organic milk is best. I try only to use heavy cream. Goat's milk is superior to cow's milk.

        Pastuerized milk contains rancid fats. Homogenized milk is considered to be unhealthy.

        According to Nora Gedguadas, in "Primal Body, Primal Mind", on page 54, "...homogenization may render a natural component in milk fat, xanthine oxidase, a particularly dangerous substance that some scientists believe may possibly produce atherosclerotic lesions by breaking down plasmalogen,the cellular "glue" holding arterial cells together...".

        Her opinion is that homoginized milk products are best avoided.
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          cool thanks for your opinions guys, its a tricky decision. I don't believe in milk that much, just usin it to reach some weight gain goals.

          might go with goats milk, think i feel better afterwards but it is sooo expensive!

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            My ideal milk is

            -not homogenized
            -from A2 cows (more traditional breeds with proteins that are apparently easier to digest. Goats all produce A2; my understanding is that Jerseys make A2 & Holsteins make A1)
            -from traditional breeds, not modern breeds (I believe Holsteins are one?) bred to make more milk than is healthy for them
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              I think this A2/ A1 thing is a matter of degree, and the scale from good to bad goes Guernsey, Jersey, Friesian. (But do check; that's from memory.)


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                I highly recommend organic milk. It's cleaner and it also lasts a good 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.


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                  If you're from NSW - unpastuerised cow's milk is sold as Cleopatra's bail oil (or bath milk). I am not recommended anybody consume it and if you do for god's sake don't advertise that fact or our nanny state gov will out law it.
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                    I just found raw milk, cream, cultured butter and colostrum in my Vitamin City Health Food store. Brand Organic Pastures. But geez, $6 for a half gallon of milk and $10 for a pound of butter. But it was interesting to see that they carry it. Goat milk too (ultrapasteurized).


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                      My first choice is raw organic.
                      Second choice organic whole pasteurised
                      Third choice whole unhomogenised.