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Low carb bible..and what for breakfast?

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  • Low carb bible..and what for breakfast?

    I just ordered this on Amazon used for like 67 cents! I hope it is good, I have a lot of other low carb books I need to find back in the day when I was on Atkins and have quite of collection I will have to dig up and post some fav recipes. I love recipes with almond meal...I made a great bread from this using coconut flour too.

    anyone else have the Low Carb Bible?

    I did Atkins for awhile and hated it I think PB is a bit more libral and not as strict.........I got so sick of eggs and bacon so I am hoping to find more breakast ideas...any pancakes? I can make breakfast sandwhiches out of pancakes too...........thank you for sharing xooxo

    xoxoo Darlene

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    I've been eating salads for breakfast: 4-5 cups of spinach, miscellaneous raw veggies, hard boiled eggs, avocado, olives or nuts, and homemade dressing.

    Sure, some people at the office think I'm odd. Tough. I may be odd, but I'm healthy!

    When I'm at home for breakfast, I usually scramble or fry a couple eggs and serve them with a pile of sauteed veggies (like zucchini, peppers, onion, and mushrooms) with chopped tomatoes and cilantro.

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      There was something on Dr. Eades' blog the other day...

      He ordered a breakfast:

      two poached eggs on a bowl of sauteed spinach, red and green peppers and onions.</blockquote>

      For what it&#39;s worth I think I&#39;m going to try it. Sounds yummy.


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        I am one of them weird people that can only eat *breakfast* foods for daughter use to eat cold pizza or leftover chili ughhhh totally grosses me out, can we have cheese? haven&#39;t got that far in the book yet?

        I had some wonderful sausage egg muffins I use to bake when on Atkins.

        I guess I can make pancakes from my coconut flour and almond flour if this is allowed? xooxo Darlene


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          I found this low-carb community on Amazon that seems to have a lot of low-carb lifestyle books and products, some them are trash like Slimfast and such, but I thought it&#39;s overall a good resource:


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            I had sliced roast beef, almonds and blackberries the other day. Today it was sliced turkey, a half of a tomato and some blackberries. Or just blackberries, cream and almonds

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              You should try coconut cream instead of cow milk cream (which is what I&#39;m assuming you meant)

              It tastes so wonderful and has all the health benefits of coconut milk, with just a little bit more fat.

              You can either make it by simmering coconut milk till a lot of the water evaporates or you can open a fresh can of coconut milk and collect the thick white cream that has separated to the top.


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                Darlene--coconut and almond flour/meal pancakes are more than allowed, some nice organic butter and fresh strawberries really finishes them off!

                here is the recipe I use:



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                  where can you purchase coconut cream?

                  that would probally be better in coffee right?

                  thank you for the comments and link ..will ck it out xoxo Darlene