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Here's what a real nutritionist eats

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  • Here's what a real nutritionist eats

    I have to post this link:

    Somehow I ended up on FitDay's email list (I don't know how) and this was in my inbox. I am NOT posting this here to mock the nutritionist, because up until I was diagnosed with wheat and dairy allergies, her post would have been completely reasonable to me.

    Since going primal, I am so much healthier, but this was a good reminder to me of how far away from CW I needed to go to get healthy. Fiber One and skim milk anyone?

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    "Food and eating are two of my favorite things. In fact, those are two of the reasons I became a registered dietitian."

    from the looks of her food journal, it seems like she hates food. is she punishing her diet for a reason? skim milk with her cereal? ground turkey in her stir-fry? gross! reading this made me hungry. even if i were still on the conventional diet i find her food journal seriously lacking in... well, food.
    to think that this is the example we're supposed to follow!


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      "I always use ground turkey instead of ground beef because it is lower in fat, and to me, tastes the same."

      Well no wonder she eats such boring food... she obviously has some seriously dysfunctional taste buds. =P
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        That's what a pro eats, huh? Gawd forbid I ever turn pro.


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          Ok, I'm not going to knock ground turkey. I like it, but not for it's nutritional profile. It's a nice change in flavor from time to time.

          Today for breakfast I had nut "cereal." I'm visiting friends down in NYC, in a TINY studio apartment with practically zero fridge space, so I had to get creative with my personal meals. I combined sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, chopped walnuts, raw pumpkin seeds and raisins. Add a little heavy cream and it's like cereal.

          Anyways, long story short, I was eating my "cereal" and a thought came to me. "Wow, this is good! This is just like regular cereal without all of those annoying flakes!"


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            That sounds delish Diana. Have you been to the Union Square Farmer's Market yet? Any primal plans for NYC?


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              Wow, she is really afraid of fat.


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                I like ground turkey.


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                  Originally posted by blank_faceplate View Post
                  I like ground turkey.
                  me too.

                  cooked up in bacon fat.

                  also ground turkey, spinach, carrots simmered in coconut milk and curry is pretty bitchin'.

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                    God that food sounds bland and terrible. Ground turkey and frozen veggies stir fry is NOT the dinner of a real food lover. I like where she admits to snacking on pastry and fruits during the day. Honestly that standard way of looking at food seems more and more bizarre.
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                      Ground turkey can be fantastic in a stir-fry with lots of butter, S&P, and some chopped veggies. Mmmmm!
                      Dianarenata- i love your "cereal." I made an "oat bran" with cream, hazelnut meal, and some cashews (along with salt and cinnamon). Yum! I used to eat oat bran every morning for breakfast because I actually LIKE it.
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                        That doesn't seem like nearly enough calories. I'm so glad I've moved away from CW because in the past that's what trying to lose weight/become healthier would have been like for me too (and I always had energy crashes and was always thinking about my next meal and what I would eat).


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                          I would expect as dietician to at least be eating a nutritionally sufficient diet. Sheeeesh.
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                            D: It actually made me really sad to read this. I agree with cookie, and have a hard time believing she loves food. I'd also be starving all day if I ate like her - no wonder she snacks on sugary stuff.
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                              Originally posted by Stabby View Post

                              I would expect as dietician to at least be eating a nutritionally sufficient diet. Sheeeesh.
                              The unfortunate part is that those who don't know much about nutrition are going to read her article and think that that's what a healthy diet/food intake is and many will probably try to emulate it. :/