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  • I'm on Day 1. Got the books, and found this post. thank you. I've got alot of reading to do. I may be gone some time


    • Well, I!m a newbie. Primal Blueprint just arrived in the mail along with quick and easy recipes.
      I turned 60 this year and some health issues were arising. I have been health conscious for about ten years now.
      In fact, I ate fairly well, see an anti aging doc and practitioner regularly. About two to three months ago I noticed
      My blood sugar going up. At first it was slightly high (105 fasting). But then it was creeping up daily. Within just
      A few weeks it was approaching 115 to 120. I searched and searched the Internet. I found a doctor on you tube that
      Claimed she helped people control and reverse diabetes. She said basically to quit all grains and sugar. It made sense so I
      Gave it a whirl. I kid you not, in one week my sugar normalized and so did my blood pressure.
      About a a week ago I googled grain free diets. I came up with Primal Blueprint and started reading it to day. I'm looking forward
      To all the facets of the book. I'm certainly not going to have a problem with the thought process as far as fats and "low fat "diets".
      Also nice to be a part of a community with common goals.




      • Welcome Pat, I'm glad you've found such good results already. Grok on.
        Annie Ups the Ante


        • Regarding #7- I started moving towards primal eating and eating under 50 gms of fat. I would not be hungry and so I didn't eat. A few days in a row I didn't eat until noon. I lost 5 pound in a week and caught a cold. I suggest modify for those with little hunger. For example, something like, don't be surprised if your not hungry, so be careful not to get nutrition...we can't live on our body now I eat 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast every other day, or a mid morning snack.

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          • Great info right here! No editing necessary.