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First Fast..... What to expect?

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  • First Fast..... What to expect?

    Decided to try a long fast today. I had a good breakfast, and now I'm three hours in to what I hope to be a 24hr fast. I'm stuck at school all day.

    What should I expect to go through this first time?
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    Yikes. For a first fast, doing a 24 hour one is tough... and doing it breakfast to breakfast is even tougher. Keep yourself busy!


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      Drink lots of water.


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        i was hungry as hell.


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          Next time do a fast starting from dinner to dinner, cos you get to sleep thru the first 8 hours.
          I then find if I haven't eaten breakfast I have no hunger triggers for the rest of the day.

          Let us know how you go!

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            I'm going to be the anomaly here and say-not much.

            I ate at not quite noon yesterday, bacon and eggs, and didn't eat again until noon today.

            I was hungry, but in the 'must be getting close to lunchtime' way, not "OMG I need to EAT and NOW and make it a large wellfed STEER please!!"

            Lots of water, and it was no big deal. I didn't have a headache, no growling guts, nothing.

            Will likely do it again Wednesday.
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              Good luck!


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                5:30pm. It's been about six hours and I'm doing fine so far. I was hungry around 3ish, but it passed. I'm in this zone now of not really thinking about food, and unless it changes I think I should coast just fine till tomorrow morning.

                Question: Does anyone feel bloated when they're fasting? I'd think that it would make me feel skinny and light, but I've been having a self esteem battle with myself all day for some reason :\
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                  11PM and still going! I'm going to sleep soon, so I'll only have a few more hours in the morning to hold out! I'm feeling better now too.
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                    Good for you. I've never found them that hard to be honest. I did 6 months of fasting every monday a few years ago. Drinking water when you start to feel hungry is good, actually just drinking lots helps before it even gets to that.


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                      Hey BoyPrimal
                      How did the fast go in the end?


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                        It went great! I made it to 24 hours, and another half an hour after that actually. Had breakfast, went to school, salad, rehearsal, home, dinner. It's been a long day, and I feel fairly worn down. I think the whole thing went pretty well though.

                        Must be some tie between how much food I have and how I'm feeling though. Today has been bad mood city; I'm guessing it's fallout from a day of not eating. I've been sitting here all night swimming in negative thoughts, self esteem bullshit, cyclical thinking. Gotta eat some fat.
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                          Well done! You just went without food for over 24 hours. Most (CW) people can't go 2 or 3 hours without a snack.
                          Be proud of yourself!