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good teeth without brushing?

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    I went to the dentist today... I have two cavities! I've never had a cavity before, and I certainly wasn't expecting to get twosince going Primal... but apparently they've been building for four or five years (which is back when my eating habits were definitely the unhealthiest), and they're the kind in between teeth so they're harder to catch (and I don't remember exactly when the last time I went to the dentist was). And I will admit, my oral hygiene habits could be more, well, habitual.

    One of the cavities will be drilled and filled in a week and a half, the other one is not so bad--it hasn't gotten past the enamel yet--so apparently I should be able to take care of it with more regular flossing -- is that possible??

    Could this have happened because I stopped using mouthwash for a few months? Or because of days in the past when I eat something sweet and go to bed without brushing??


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      I brush with Jason Powersmile, which is supposedly fluoride-free, and dip it in cinnamon powder (from bulk section at health food store). Ideally I'd like to get rid of the toothpaste... Going to try coconut oil and cinnamon tonight.