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  • Chuck Roast

    I put the Chuck roast in crock pot...what now

    Its been in there about an hour hour I have some carrots to thow in long should I cook this , I browned the outside before I put it in the Crock Pot.

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    I usually cook chuck roast most all day....8 hours or more....depend on how tender you want the meat to be,the longer it cooks,the more tender it is.


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      You can throw all your veggies and roast in at the same time and cook all day. I would cook at least 4-6 hrs. One of my favorite meals.


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        I always go for 8+ hours and usually leave it overnight on the 10hr setting. The slower you cook it the more tender and melt in your mouth it will be when done. We put in the veggies (onion, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, celery) at the start and they come out perfect with all the fat flavoring.


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          I'd hold off on the broccoli until it's almost done. Or even steam it to your liking and add it after cooking. The carrots, onion and celery will be fine, if mushy and almost sauce like. Tomatoes can go in early too. Mushrooms are just a matter of taste. I'd probably add them at different stages for different textures.


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            I just thru in the carrots and some celery, turned down the heat to low...the chuck smells really good now.