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Cold or room temperature water?

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  • Cold or room temperature water?

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried searching but didn't find anything related.
    Some people say drinking cold water is better for burning extra fat, but others argue that this effect is minimal and does not make any real difference. On the other hand, some say that room temperature water hydrates better. Are there any scientific studies to prove any of these claims? And what is the general PB opinion on this?

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    This is probably just hype, but many natural health friends claim that room temperature hydrates more efficiently, but cold water works quicker, if less efficiently, to get water to really thirsty cells.

    As I said, probably just hype, but I hear it all the time.
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      I just find icy cold water tastes better.


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        The American College of Sports Medicine's Position Stand on Exercise and Fluid Replacement states that fluid needs to be cooler than ambient temperature, meaning between 59 – 72F. Colder fluids leave the stomach more quickly than warmer ones, allowing faster rehydration. During hot weather, when we tend to lose extra fluids, beverages in this temperature range will have a cooling effect on the body. Drinking cool beverages can help to cool us from the inside.


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          I don't know about water temp (although in eastern medicine, very cold water is said to be bad for digestion) but as far as hydration goes, adding a pinch of sea salt to water makes it more hydrating and better able to be used by the body. I've found this to be true when I've done it.