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Trying to gain weight

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  • Trying to gain weight

    Since going primal plus dairy over 3 months ago, and working out about 20 minutes 3x per week, i have shredded fat off of my body. I feel i am too skinny. I lost about 10 pounds and have better muscular definition. I just want to put on muscle and im not sure how to besides lifting more weight and getting more protein into my diet. My workout consists of bodyweight and kettle bells. I have a goal of putting back on the 10 pounds I lost but in muscle. Any suggestions?

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    eat LOTS! more meat, more eggs, more milk! and keep lifitng


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      You won't lose the muscle when trying to lose fat, especially not with a high protein low carb diet and especially not if you are hitting the weights heavy. For the body to efficiently gain muscle you have to give it a new higher weight set point. Why? Because muscle is an expensive tissue for the body and it will look for whether you have enough energy (calories and not just in protein) first and foremost in order to build it. Muscle requires a lot more than protein to grow, it most definitely requires an adaptive stimulus (progressive resistance) and a caloric surplus whether you do it through fat or carbs. Unless you are a true beginner, you have to gain weight to gain an appreciable amount of muscle.

      The easiest way is to gain 25 lbs of weight which 15 lbs may be fat while 10 may be lean body mass...and then cut the fat while maintaining your strength. If you want muscle and want to be strong and bigger you cannot be afraid of temporary fat.

      Barbell training squats deadlifts and bench is where it's at for the muscle gain you are wanting...5x5 stronglifts program or rippetoes 3x5