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With a weight loss goal; looking for help on upping protien, and maybe carbs

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  • With a weight loss goal; looking for help on upping protien, and maybe carbs

    SO I have been on PB for almost 8 weeks now. My whole family is on it. My 14 yr old daughter is doing great, and has already lost over 20 pounds. DH and I are both losing about 1.5 pounds a week. I am certainly losing inches, my pants fell off my arse yesterday IN MY OFFICE! Life is great...

    Anyway, I am averaging 40-65 carbs a day, and I am struggling to get enough protien. I am begining to wonder if I need to do some more adjusting to find that sweet spot for consistant loss.
    So I got some good quality canned tuna and salmon today to start adding to my BAS, hoping that the omega 3 and the protien will help some. With the salmon today added to my BAS I also added some shredded carrots and broccoli over what I normally have on it, upping the carbs to 21 total. When I add that to a double bacon burger (bunless) for dinner tonight, and if I had some acorn squash with that (cooked with onions, garlic, and bacon) I still would only just hit 50 carbs.

    Should I just chill out here and not adjust anything? At my weight I should easily drop 2 pounds a week consistantly. Does anyone else have experience in upping the carbs, OR protien in order to increase weight loss? Just trying to find that sweet spot. Somepeople would say 1.5 pounds a week is great.....But I am trying to find a SWEETER spot for at least the first 30 pounds.. Am I being stupid about this?

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    What's your height and current weight? That seems like a great day of food imo.
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      I am a 44 yr old female, with a very screwed up metabolism/hormone issue---already seeing improvements on PB
      I started at 300, but right now I am at 285. I am 5'4"
      In doing the math I am shooting for 1700 cals for a 2 pound weekly loss
      I should have about 100 grm protien--there is where I really am failing.
      I do not feel deprived at all in limiting my carbs under 50, and I never go up to 75....even if I have a squash or sweet potato side.


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        have you thought about incorporating protein powder? not the most "primal" thing but I know a lot of people use it. i would just really focus on sources of protein and having some at each meal. a normal day for me includes eggs/protein for breakfast (sausage, bacon) lunch is always a salad with protein (shrimp, chicken, salmon) and dinner is protein and a veggie. do you have a food scale? i measure out my protein and found i had to increase from the normal serving to much more to get my protein up. also cottage cheese is a great source of protein as well and full fat greek yogurt (like fage). good luck!
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          I have trouble with getting enough protein sometimes too. When I am having a particulary low day I will use a protein powder. I use 100% egg protein. I usually put it in green tea with a little cream. It is 24 grams for .75 scoop.


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            It seems to be a lot different for guys and girls, especially starting out, but I generally mix up my carbs on a day to day basis. Some days I'll have 10, some 100, and maybe once a week as high as 150. I probably average around 60-75 a day, but the mix up keeps me happier because I can mostly just eat what I feel like (sweet potatoes, squash, etc) in the higher carb primal range, and just take it easy the next day. I'm still maintaining my loss through this, and it works for me.