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  • Weight loss plateau

    Hi guys,

    I've been primal now for around two months. I started off at 129kg. The first 8kg came off pretty fast, but for the last three weeks I feel like I've been stuck bouncing from 121-122kg. My diet is fairly tight, as I've now completely eliminated all grain and dairy. Below is a sample plan of what I eat in a day:

    (All meat and eggs are organic, and only a few days removed from the farm)

    Breakfast: two sausages, two rashes of bacon, egg. Cup of coffee, black, no sugar.

    Morning tea: pecans with almond butter / or / blueberries and strawberries (approx half a cup) Green tea, no sugar.

    Lunch: small serve of meat with salad or mixed vegetables

    Afternoon tea: small serve of protein - usually whatever is left over from the night before

    Dinner: serve of protein with vegetables (although I sometimes miss dinner if I'm not hungry)

    Looking at what I normally eat, I think the only thing on there that isn't not advisable for weight loss is some carrot in my salad, but it's only a small amount.

    Is there anything else I can do to my diet to break this plateau? I've done a few IF's, including a 24 hour and 36 hour fast. Neither of these seem to effect my weight, although I did feel pretty good doing it.

    I've recently reintroduced kettlebell training into my routine (have been rehabbing knee surgery, so haven't been as active as I'd have liked.) I'm hoping this helps.

    Any advice on the diet side of things would be greatly appreciated.


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    One thing that worked for me was reducing the number of times in a day that I ate, and experimenting with IF'ing. Try eating 1-2 big meals instead of 5 meals for a week.


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      I second the idea of eating less often, but when you do eat, eat more - especially fat.

      Also I tend not to trust the scales. There are times when my weight has stayed the same for a while but I have gone down a dress size. How are your clothes fitting? Are they getting looser? If so, just keep doing what you're doing - the scales will catch up eventually.


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        Whatever you do, do it differently. Our bodies are very good at becoming very efficient; yours has likely learned to conserve energy. Add some carbs right after a workout (they'll be gone pretty quickly).


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          just to toss in my $0.02
          I have hit several plateaus (usually in 10# increments).
          It feels like there is a period of normalization where my body pauses to get used to the new me before starting the losing again.

          I also agree w/ Molly, look for what weightWatchers calls NSV (non-scale victories: loose clothes, people commenting, etc... ) even tho your weight is the same.

          Dont lose faith!
          RKC, AFAA PT
          “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” -Jim Rohn


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            yeah ... what's up with the 10 lb thing? me too!

            my plateau has been quite long, maybe 4 months, but i can tell that i am getting smaller and can see more muscle definition in my body, (without much exercise) ... clothes are looser, comments from people, etc ...

            i'm gonna just keep plugging away ... i know giving up dairy is a logical step, but i'm not taking it ... haha

            know i need to shake things up with some different types of exercise ... will do eventually ...